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不如之前那麼好 變得很陌生 從來沒有過的陌生


忘記所有關於你的回憶 是很困難的事情



你所謂的現實.."距離" 既然影響那麼大


開始想選擇算了吧 很沒志氣 呵

心裡想習慣這樣的你 久了 什是事都可以習慣 唯獨這個不能真的習慣

更不能 問題放著就算了 還是只能解決

不過 一念之間 可以改變很多事情 就是要看自己


忘了你的喜不喜歡 只要你知道我的喜歡就好


擁有過 也只能怪我 做不到凡事都忍

有時候 會變成麻痹 只是在欺騙自己

你如果會懂 就不會讓我想那麼多 也會想辦法解決 可惜好像沒有

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    Likes having very many kinds

    I thought our distance more and more far before had been

    inferior to that good changes very much strangely never is strange can

    let my always feeling realize you do not care about forgot possesses

    about yours recollection is the very difficult matter remembered you

    said each has very lets me think the happy words you so-called

    reality.." Z to since "since has affected a that big how many day

    also only to have me how in wants to be supposed to maintain starts to

    want to choose calculated does not have in the spirit hey heart to

    want very much to be familiar with such you for a long time to be

    assorted is the matter all may be familiar with only this not to be

    able the real custom

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    一樓又是一個只求點數 不求品質的回答 超濫!

    There are many kinds of feeling in mutual relationship

    I feel that we are getting distant and apart, unlike usual.

    You have never been so alien to me...

    You make me feel that you do not give a damn

    It's difficult task for me to get over everything about you.

    When your words invade my mind, I recall those words which

    brightened up my days.

    Since the distance between us affect so much, and it's always me who cares about our relationship in these numberless days, I am so demoralized. Weak of me, yeah?

    I can get used to any adverse situations except this. I can't just

    leave everything like nothing happened, but to work out a solution.

    It's all up to you, by one thought you can have a lots of things

    changed. (其實我看不太懂你接下來者那些再講什麼= = 很難翻譯)

    It doesnt matter anymore if you likes or not, all you have to know is I love you. Since I have lost the right to touch your heart by doing so,

    all I can do is blame myself for being unable to give way in anything I do.

    Sometimes I feel like lying to myself.If you understand how I feel,

    you wouldn't make me think so much but to work out everything.

    Unfortunately, you dont.

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