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    you asked twice... so I shall answer you twice !!!

    Q: 親愛的Nathan:

    ★ Dear Nathan :

    Q: 哇~你的生日快到了!這是你的大日子,你和你的家人一定都很開心,我也希望你收到我的給你的驚喜後也很開心!但是我不確定這禮物會準時送達,但是這是我一點點的小心意。

    ☆ Wow~It is almost your birthday! This is your big day, you and your family must be really happy, I hope you are happy to recieve my surprize too! But I am not sure if the present will arrive on time though...still this is my little token of regard.

    Q: 我很高興認識你,你讓我無時無刻都很開心,也讓我每天早上都帶著快樂的心情完成當天的工作,也讓我很開心的過著每一天,不管遇到什麼困難都請微笑的面對和解決他,不管開心或難過我都很願意當你的忠實聽眾,我很開心遇到一個像你那麼好的人,一定要開開心心的度過每一天喔!也幫我向你的家人問候,我也祝他們每天都開心!

    ★ I am very glad to know you, you make me feel happy all the time, also gives me a joyful heart to attend and finish my work everyday, and living everyday with happiness, whatever difficulty you meet please face it and solve it with a smile, no matter happy or sad I am willing to be your biggest fan, I am very glad to meet such a nice person like you, remember to live everyday with a cheerful heart! And please say hello to your family for me, I wish them all for happiness every single day!

    Q: 對了~這個鑰匙圈是我自己DIY做的唷!花了一些時間,雖然不是很昂貴的禮物,但是上面有我滿滿的祝福,還有那個小熊手機吊飾,其實他有兩隻,我有一隻白熊,另一隻黑小熊就送給你,希望這兩個禮物都可以讓你帶來好運!

    ☆ By the way~ This key chain I made it by my own hands! Cost some time, although it is not an expensive gift, but it is filled with my bleesings, and the little bear cell phone charm, actually it comes in pairs, I have a white bear, the other black bear is a gift for you, hope that these two presents can bring you good luck !

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    Dear Nathan:

    Wow! It's your birthday TODAY! It's your big day and I'm sure your family will be so happy for you. I hope you'll be happy when you got my suprises. It's my regard for you even though I'm not sure when will you received it.


    I'm glad to meet you and you always make me happy whenever I seeing you. You are the one who makes me to remind to finished my job in pleasant mood and to feel good everyday.


    No matter what you will suffered from please face and solve it. Come what may I will be the best audience to listen your joy or pain. I am really appreciated to meet a great person like you. Please be happy everyday. Take my regards to your family as well. I hope they'll be happy everyday, too.


    By the way, the keychain and the cell phone charm are made by myself. Though it's take some times and a little money, it filled with all my best wishes to you. Actually there are two cell phone charms. I got the white one and the black one is for you. Hope these two gifts could bring you good luck.

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    Dear Nathan:

    Wow to your birthday approaching! This is your big day, you and your family are certainly happy, I hope you received my surprise to you after very happy! But I'm not sure this gift will be delivered on time, but this is my small mind a little bit . I am glad to know you, you let me very happy all the time, let me every morning with a happy mood all day to complete the work, and I am very happy to live every day, no matter what difficulties are encountered Please smile Of his face and resolve, whether happy or sad I am very willing to be your loyal audience, I met a very happy that good people like you must spend a happy heart of every day! I also help to your family greetings, and I wish them every day happy!

    On a keychain to this is to do my own DIY District! Spent some time, although it is not very expensive gifts, but above have my full blessing, and that the Cubs mobile phone strap, in fact, he has two, I have a polar bear, and the other black on the Cubs gave you, Hope that these two gifts can bring you good luck!

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