How soon after intercourse can you tell if your pregnant?

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unfourtanly i had a one night stand, the girl called me and told me she was pregnant, it has been just over two weeks sence intercourse. she said she took a pregnancy test, but then more
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So basically u used her?
You did the wrong thing, so deal with the consequences.
And yes she defiantly could be pregnant!


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  • Kristy answered 6 years ago
    I agree with Michelle. Yes, there is a possibility. Looks like you'll just have to wait and see.


    21 weeks pregnant
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  • Hello answered 6 years ago
    It all depends on when she was supposed to have her period. if she was supposed to have her period the next week, and now she's 2 weeks late, she might just be having a late period and might not be pregnant. From what you said she seems to be kinda sketchya bout it. If I were you, I'd be there for her and tell her to take the pregnancy test so you can see the results (cause you want to be apart of the experience). When you see the'll know the truth. It might sounds kinda mena to pretend like that or whatever, but it;s better to know the truth.
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  • Wintergirl answered 6 years ago
    It's possible she is pregnant. I found out 14 days after conception from a blood test, which is usually the earliest you can tell for sure. She shouldn't be having pains yet though unless something is really wrong like an ectopic pregnancy, and nausea doesn't hit till 4-6 weeks.


    13 weeks along with #1
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  • ♥Hoping♥ answered 6 years ago
    well it depends .if she had a 28 day cycle and she ovulated the day u had intercourse then if that was day 14 of her cycle 2 weeks later a poitive could most def show up.
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  • fdwc_gyrl_dat_can_plz_fdwc answered 6 years ago
    its only takes about 72 for a girl to get pregnant and usually women dont find out until thier a couple months...but i personally was only 2 weeks pregnant when i found out so its possible..but if she had a one night stand with many others did she have...make sure its urs!
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  • SweetHonesty answered 6 years ago
    sounds like shes messing with your mind boy. i hate girls like bros dated a couple. ditch her, shes fulla crap. good luck tho man!
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  • Mommy of 2 boys answered 6 years ago
    You can't tell if you are pregnant will about 3-5 weeks after the sex that got you there. It takes about a week to inplant in the body and it can take up to 2 weeks for your body to even realize and make the hormones. Most tests can't even pick it up even in the doctors office till 3-4 weeks after. So if only 2 weeks I doubt it is yours. Best to findout for sure if she is or isn't and then wait for the first scan if she is the doctor will give an approx conseption date. Normally accurate within 72 hours.
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