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WiFi booster antenna?

What kind would work best with a Compaq Presario F572 laptop? Honestly, I'll name my first child after you if you can answer this question. I have a B/G card and a G router which the owners of the lodge will not upgrade the router and I barely get a signal -- and only sometimes. And I need a way to grab the signal a little better. People tell me an N USB adaptor wouldn't make any difference in range (I don't care about speed, just need a reliable signal).

Been trying to figure this out for a month. Nobody local has been able to help and eBayers aren't answering my inquiries.

About to lose it.

Thank you.

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    Have you gone to the Linksys site and looked at the WET54G unit? Good chance it can help since it can be moved around for a better signal. The higher you can mount it, normally the better. There are some wireless range extenders also available, but you would have tomount it somewhere between your location and the router, probably in a different room.

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