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Why is assisted suicide illegal?

I mean, really! That is the most unkind think I have ever heard of.

Why should it be illegal?

Situation Time:

Say that you are an elderly person and you know your body is dieing on you. Slow and painful. Your body is getting eaten from the inside out from some sort of disease.

So you go to the doctor and ask him to give you something that would put you out of your pain.

Why cant a doctor give it? The person is in pain and is going to die a slow and painful death. Who on earth would wish that on a person?

Now, I am not thinking about suicide or anything. I was just wondering.

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    It actually is legal, at least in Oregon.

    The main reason it is illegal in most places is that there is concern about whether or not the patient is choosing death without any coercion, or whether the doctor and/or the family is convincing or coercing the patient into assisted suicide. This is why in Oregon, assisted suicide is only legal if the patient is physically able to administer the medicine herself. If he or she has deteriorated to the point where medicine can only be taken with physical assistance (can't lift arms to bring medicine to mouth, for instance) it is illegal because of the possibility of coercion (no matter how remote that possibility is). Also, there is concern that someone who is terminally ill and also depressed would use assisted suicide, and even thorough psychological exams might miss some people who are irrationally suicidal.

    To clear up some misconceptions, suicide is not illegal (how can they punish you if you are dead) although attempted suicide is ground for involuntary mental health treatment.

    Source(s): Bioethics in college
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    Cause it's kinda.... well..... uh...... oh, that's right, like murder.

    If someone doesn't want to live in the state that they are in, they they must kill themselves. If they are unable to kill themselves, then the best that you can rightfully do is "accidentally" overdose their medication.

    A doctor can't (and won't) do it because they'll lose their job over it. No matter how pathetic or sad, no doctor will give up their job after years of school and thousands of dollars for one of their many patients in pain. It's not fiscally responsible. Nor is it ethical. Now, some doctors do sympathize and assist, then they lose their license and go to jail for murder.

    The best thing for everyone is that each and every person write out a detailed outline of what circumstances they wish to be kept alive or let go (if they're on a machine or something of the like, let's say). Otherwise, it's up to each person to take their lives into their own hands and make that decision, without selfishly involving outsiders.

    It's illegal because then murderers can construe their actions to make it look like a kind gesture rather than a cruel action. No one can prove that what was done was what the person in pain wanted. It's too difficult. Besides, suicide is illegal, so why not assisted suicide?

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    my question would be if someone is on high pain meds and in the past when those meds are stolen and that person has to deal with the pain and withdraw then shows signs of suicidal thoughts.. If an individual knows this and steals his meds putting him into this state then physically hands over (sleeping meds). the person who is on this medication and going thru withdraw is capable of taking meds himself but individual makes sure he does by giving it to him.. Is that illegal ?

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    you made the person die earlier than when he/she was supposed to. And that's called "illegal". It seems bad but if it wasn't...

    If someone murders someone else, they'd say they were assissting suicide, and get away with it. So its kinda fair?

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    it is not legal in all countries for example the UK

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    Because then murderers can say they were doing that

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