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hi i just caught 2 wild female guppy and i bought a male guppy?

hi i just caught 2 wild female guppy and one of them was already pregnant and her stomach was big to so is her egg fertilize alread.. cause im afraid that the egg wernt fertiliz well thats all so u you know can u plz tll me cauze she look like she goanna have her baby in 2 or 3 more day..

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    This is what a pregnant guppies stomach would look like:

    Just look for that 'gravid spot' near her stomach, and she more than likely is pregnant, but if she's in a very stressful enviroment she will abort her fry.

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    Guppies are like rabbits. I started with 3 of each in a 50 gallon tank. In the last year I have gave away hundreds. They multiple fast so you will be fine with what you have.

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    the eggs are already fertilized, b/c guppies dont lay eggs they give live birth, so no worries, just dont let the male bother her too much especially a few days b4 she pops (youll be able to tell when shes ready to have them cause her "gravid spot" will get darker and obviously she will get bigger as the time gets closer) she may also not travel to far away from the heater on the birthday, and have a loss of appetite

    good luck with your new guppies :)

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    Ok ok..well look at mommys tummy. Look toward her fin and see if you see a black area. If you see a black area you have Fry! The black that you see is actually your new baby fry's eyes. You should seperate her from the other fish if you want to keep the fry. When she has the fry remove the mom as she will eat them.

    Good Luck


    They can eat tiny bits of flake food or BABY brine shrimp..if you buy just brine shrimp it will be too big. They grow pretty quickly and you can put them back with the adults after they are big enough to not get eaten..wich won't be long as guppies have small mouths anyways.

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    She sounds pregnant........Look for a dark spot near your bum(Back of the belly).

    This is a Wild Pregnant female guppy:

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    okay she has to lay her eggs then the male will fertalize them if she has already laid her eggs the male should have fertalized them already

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