What type of photoshoot/location would be great to capture at?


i'm a model who is 22 yrs of age, an I need a bit of input for a shoot. My photographer told me to gather a concept for a photoshoot, (everything is on me). Clothes, assessories, theme, & location.

But I would like some suggestions on the type of location, I know downtown is full of great things, (you have alleys, window ledges, & etc)... But somethin other than that would be great, & what type of props to use if any would also be of help.

It can be anything wild, crazy, or sexy. If you have any suggestions on the type of clothes/assessories that would be great too. Thanks!

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    It depends on what type of composition you are creating.

    Contrast compositions take two completely different subjects, and place them next to each other. Such as a homeless person next to a rich business man.

    Complementary compositions use one object to enhance another. Such as shooting you in a red dress in front of a nicely textured or bricked red wall.

    Creative compositions use the environment to bring the subject to attention. Such as using the lines on a road to lead a persons eye up to the subject.

    Anyway, once you have an idea of what you want to "say" with the image, then you can decide on where.

    Hope this helps, feel free to check out our pics and see if it gives you any ideas.



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    I would say any place that looks kind of run-down so you can be the center of attention. I would say wear bright colors, or maybe even black with some bright accessories =]

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