Help Me Decide For The Best MP3 Player.?

My previous MP3 died on me...can't here my favorite songs anymore, outloud, so no it's getting boring without

I am ready for a new MP3 Player. This time, I am willing to spend up to $150 on one.

My ideal MP3 player must have AM and/or FM radio, allow me to dowload up to 3000+ songs, organize my songs by category according to their genre, slim.

Targeting Zune, Sony, & Sansa, but I guess any brand that has most of what I want in it, would be great. I have looked all over, but just can't decide, since I go by color, style, shape, ease, etc...I am sure one of you would have the one that best fits my needs. lol

Thank you all for your answers, I appreciate it!

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    For something with that kind of storage capacity, your options are a bit more limited, but there are still quite a few to choose from. I have yet to find a player with an AM radio though, I looked for a long time without success. As far as Sandisk's Sansa Players, the Sansa View is the only player with 16GB or internal storage, which will let you store more than 3000 songs. It also has an FM tuner, a micro SD card slot, video and photo playback, and a voice recorder. It can also sort by genre.

    The Sansa Fuze is a great player too, with the same basic features as the View, although it's largest internal storage capacity is only 8GB. It does support high capacity micro SD cards, so that means you can add up to 12 GB of additional memory to it.

    Most of Sony's players don't have radios at all. There is one model that does, the NWZ S710 series. It is only available in up to 8GB though and has no memory expansion slot, but it does have Sony's excellent sound quality, active noise canceling built right into the player, really long battery life, and photo and video playback.

    For the kind of storage capacity you are looking for, the NWZ A720 series is a great option, although it does not have a radio built in. There is a 16GB version available though, as well as an identical looking player, the 820 series which has blue tooth built in.

    As for the Zune, it has all the features you are looking for except the AM radio, a really nice interface, and is a very nice looking player.

    The Creative Zen is a very nice player as well. It is even available in up to 32 GB, and has an SD card slot, plus an fm tuner, audio, video, and photo playback, and a nice interface.

    The Cowon iAudio 7 is another option. It lacks an AM tuner as well, but as audio, video, and photo playback, and an excellent rated battery life. It is available in a 16GB model as well.

    That's a lot of options to look at, but I like options. Hope that helps.

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    Any kind of sansa, i have had a sansa for a long time . the cool part about them is you can use memory cards with them which give you more music

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