Concerning internet types?

Okay, I've got a decent sized question to ask and its in several parts, so please try to answer each question as precisely as you can, as this stuff severely confuses me...

Currently I am a Dial Up user and I'm trying to find better internet, but the thing is, there are so many kinds of internet, I have no idea which ones are faster than others, which are more reliable than others, even if some are actually the same thing. Anyways, to put these confusions into specific questions, here:

#1, What types of internet are there and are any of them the "same, but different". What I mean is, I know of Dial Up, Cable, Wireless, Broadband, and Satelite, are there more types, are any of these actually the same just called different, what?

#2, What is the "ranking" of these types of internet? Is Broadband faster than Cable? Is Wireless more reliable than Satelite? Could you please tell me what "order" the different types of internet are in concerning reliability and speed?

Thank you.

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    Dial up = Connect through phone line (I'm sure you know that one)

    DSL = Slower form of cable (usually)

    Cable = Like DSL but faster, there are different levels of speed too. (I think some DSL providers have a power booster too)

    Broadband = Basically any kind of connection that isn't dial up

    Wireless = A broadband connection without wires, same speed in most cases just more convenient

    Satellite = Satellite internet (most popular is HughesNet) is basically the same as cable except there are several different speeds and people usually use this type of connection if they're in an area that does not have dsl or cable opportunity.

    Just about every company has different levels of speed no matter which you choose. My advice would be, if you're looking for something just a little faster than dial up and doesnt tie up your phone line, go for dsl unless you're in an area like mine where dsl is for some reason more expensive than cable even though cable is faster. Any choice will ultimately be yours and will depend on what exactly you're looking for in an internet connection. Reliability doesn't really concern the type of connection as much as it concerns the service provider. You should ask around and find out what company your friends or family have and ask them about the downtime they experience, if any.

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