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What all is owned by Budweiser?

I keep looking all over and I'm not having any luck.

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    Many things are connected to Budweiser including Coca Cola, Scot Tissue, and McDonald's. All these corporations work together. McDonald's only sells Coke products and uses Scot products for napkins and such. The water used for Coke is also used at Budweiser plants. I don't know everything that is involved but those are a few things that are.

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    Budweiser is the #1 most popular Company in the WORLD. This is in EVERY SINGLE COMPANY THERE IS OUT THERE. BUDWEISER is the most sold and most popular. that's a fact from worldfacts books and websites.

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    thats because you are using budweiser - try using Anheuser Busch as your search term - that is the name of the company

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    * Budweiser Family

    o Budweiser (World Beer Cup Bronze Medal, 1996)

    o Bud Light

    o Budweiser Select

    o Budweiser American Ale (available October 2008)

    o Bud Dry

    o Bud Ice

    o Bud Ice Light

    o Budweiser Brewmaster's Private Reserve

    o Bud Light Lime

    o Budweiser & Clamato Chelada

    o Bud Light & Clamato Chelada

    o Bud Extra

    * Michelob Family

    o Michelob

    o Michelob Light (World Beer Cup Bronze Medal, 2006)

    o Michelob Honey Lager

    o Michelob AmberBock (World Beer Cup Bronze Medal, 1998)

    o Michelob Golden Draft

    o Michelob Golden Draft Light

    o Michelob Bavarian Wheat

    o Michelob Porter

    o Michelob Pale Ale

    o Michelob Dunkel Weisse (available Late 2008)

    * Ultra Family

    o Michelob Ultra (World Beer Cup Bronze Medal, 2004)

    o Michelob Ultra Amber (World Beer Cup Silver Medal, 2006)

    o Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus

    o Michelob Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry

    o Michelob Ultra Tuscan Orange Grapefruit

    * Busch Family

    o Busch

    o Busch Light

    o Busch Ice

    * The Natural Family

    o Natural Light

    o Natural Ice

    * Specialty Brews

    o Bud Extra

    o Bare Knuckle Stout

    o Anheuser World Lager (discontinued)

    o ZiegenBock

    o Ascent 54 (Colorado only)

    o Redbridge (gluten-free)

    o Rolling Rock

    o Landshark Lager

    o Shock Top (Formerly Spring Heat Spiced Wheat)

    o Skipjack Amber Lager (Mid Atlantic Only)

    o Wild Blue

    * Seasonal Beers

    o Sun Dog (New in 2008) (spring)

    o Beach Bum Blonde Ale (summer)

    o Jack's Pumpkin Spice Ale (fall)

    o Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale (winter)

    * Non-alcohol

    o O'Doul's (World Beer Cup Gold Medal, 2006)

    o O'Doul's Amber (4 World Beer Cup Medals)

    o Busch NA

    o Budweiser NA (Saudi Arabian Market)

    o Budweiser NA Green Apple (Saudi Arabian Market)

    * Energy Drinks

    o 180 Blue

    o 180 Sport Drink(discontinued)

    o 180 Energy

    o 180 Red

    o 180 Blue Low Calorie

    o 180 Sugar Free

    * Specialty Organic Beers

    o Stone Mill Pale Ale

    o Wild Hop Lager

    * Specialty Malt Beverages

    o Bacardi Silver

    o Peels (discontinued)

    o Tequiza

    o Tilt

    * Spirits and Spirits Distribution Alliances

    o Jekyll & Hyde

    o Bluecoat Vodka

    o Cape North

    o Hammer and Sickle Vodka

    o Ku Soju

    o Margarittaville Tequila

    o Purus Organic Wheat Vodka

    o Vermont Spirits

    * Malt Liquors

    o Hurricane Malt Liquor

    o Hurricane Ice

    o King Cobra (World Beer Cup Silver Medal, 2004)

    * Minority ownership brands

    o Red Hook Brewing

    o Widmer Bros. Brewing

    * Craft Distribution Alliances

    o Goose Island Beer Co.

    o Kona Brewing Co.

    o Ray Hill American Pilsner

    o Starr Hill Brewing

    o Fordham Brewing

    o Dominion Brewing

    In addition to brewing its own beer, Anheuser-Busch also is responsible for the importation and distribution of the following international beers in the U.S.:

    * Harbin Lager

    * Tiger Beer

    * Kirin

    * Bass Ale

    * Boddingtons

    * Beck's

    * Hoegaarden

    * Leffe

    * Stella Artois

    * Löwenbräu

    * Tennent's Ale

    * Budvar Czechvar

    Specialty beverage distribution deals

    * Borba Skin Balance Water

    * Monster Energy Drink

    * Lost Energy

    * Rumba Energy

    * Icelandic Glacial Spring Water

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    It's not BUDWEISER you should be searching, it's the manufacturer.

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    Heisur Bucsh or however its spelled lol

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    bud light,michelob,monster energy drinks,muscle milk,key stone,key stone light,bud light lime..thats all i know

    Source(s): my mom works at a store
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    i know they own a wing sause

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