Where can i apply for United States Postal Service casual / temp position in greensboro, nc?

I looked online at www.usps.com but i got no results can someone help me please.

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    Go to this link... https://uspsapps.hr-services.org/

    Click on "continue" (you don't need an announcement number)

    Select North Carolina, then click "continue"

    This will bring up a list of all open job announcements for North Carolina, including Greensboro.

    HOWEVER, at this time the only open job announcements for the entire state are for Rural Carrier Associate (RCA). The RCA is the term for a casual rural carrier. You probably will not make enough to live on as an RCA because you might only work a day or two each week, depending on how many rural routes your office has and how many RCAs the office has. The turnover for RCAs is very high for that reason.

    The pay may be as low as the federal minimum wage, or as high as $10-12 an hour, depending on the pay rate in the area and the availability of applicants.

    Source(s): Retired from the PO, 10 years in HR.
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    Post Office Jobs Greensboro Nc

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    I was hired as a TRC on the city routes in 1996, I worked city routes for about 2 years, then switched to a Temp rural carrier for a couple years before I was made an RCA. I have been there a total of 17 years and just made full time 3 years ago. It really has been a crummy job over the years and the only reason I didn't quit is because I was a single mother with kids to support and I didn't get much time with them while working this job. So 17 years and I have nothing toward retirement and will probably be dead by the time I can retire. If there are any other jobs out there then forget about working for the Postal Service cause it really isn't worth it.

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    The best way to learn about casual openings is to call or go to your local post offices or processing plant and let them know that you are interested in becoming a casual or temp in any craft. The plants generally hire casuals around the christmas holiday and in the summer to fill in for vacationing employees. This is how I started out. The RCA position is NOT a casual position. The positions for rural carriers is called TRC ( temporary rural carrier) and for clerks and city carriers it is called TE (transitional employee).

    If you are just looking for part time work but may have an interest in later (a lot later) going full time then you should take the RCA exam simply because as an RCA you make 17.98 and hour and you have the ability to bid on any routes that come open for full time positions and after your 90 day probation you practically cannot get fired from your job because the union protects you. A TRC salary varies depending on the need in your area and you have to be renewed every 365 days and they can also fire you at any time and give no reason cause you're are just a temp. A TRC in my area makes 10.56 an hr and your are not eligible for any raises. Neither position has any benefits whatsoever. Also the route that you run may not come with a vehicle so you may have to supply your own. You may only get one day a week but you are expected to be ready to work every day in case they call you in. There are some RCA's in my office that only get 2 days a month. The average wait to go full time in my area is about 10 years. These reasons are why the postal service always has a large turnover at the RCA position. If you want to be an RCA (Rural Carrier Associate) then you need to sign up for the test and if you pass you are then put on a register in order of your exam score and you may be called in for interview.

    A TE position is a temp position in which you are expected to take your test and you can also be terminated at any time. You generally get a lot of hours becuase you are cheaper labor and clerk and city carrier positions are hourly positions. Many clerks and city carriers will drag their feet and you will be expected take up their slack. They can do this because their job is secure and yours would not be. Also when you take the test you still have to have the high score or they will hire someone new and they will come in over you as a PTF (part time flexible).

    I personally would not recomend that anyone join the Postal Service without first taking the exams. I also would not recomend anyone becoming an RCA unless you are willing to be on call six or seven days a week with no on call pay for seven to twelve years at least while they are expecting you to not have another job that would hinder your availability. You do get what is called EMA (estimated mileage allowance) for the use of your vehicle on a route but that pay is not enough because of the high gas prices. My EMA is 49.85 a day right now and I usually put over 40.00 a day in the tank for gas. Belive me when I say that less than 10.00 a day will not come close to paying for brake pads, transmission jobs ( from the starting and stopping), oil changes, scratches, tires, shocks, and all other hard wear and tear that the routes dish out. You also are expected to rent a vehicle if yours breaks down. You have no benefits. I mean no insurance, no sick pay, no vacation, no thrift savings (401k), no retirement, and no right to put in for a day off. Also if you are there (for instance) say 10 years as an RCA then if you get to go full time then you are just like a new hire. That 10 years doesn't count toward retirement or anything. So if you wanna work an extra ten years to earn a retirement that is not that great then RCA is the way. Also this not federal gov retirement. None of the carriers in my office can afford to retire until they can get their social security which is one reason why there is such a long wait.

    I hope that you got enough from this answer. It was probably way more than you wanted to know but I like to let people know what they are getting into because there is this myth that the post office is such a wonderful place to work. I am going to school at night in order to do better than this.

    Source(s): I am one of the many disgruntled postal workers and a not so proud member of the National Rural Letter Carriers Association.
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    What Mr. David T has stated is an unpalatable TRUTH !!

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