Any ideas? My boyfriend and I need to find a cheap place to stay in wildwood, N.J. for Aug 1-3.?

We don't have a lot of money and he is in a tournament at the convention center there. It is important to him and I'd hate to cancel because of the travel expense. I am wondering if anyone knows of the cheapest motel in the area or surrounding towns, or of any discount or coupon available. Much appreciation for any ideas.

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    If you are interested, there are options for free or in exchange of something, i.e. chores.


    Another is HospitalityClub:

    Only downfall with HC is having to wait to get approved after signing up so I suggest CS for instant sign-up.

    I have accounts on both however I have not found anything on CS for Wildwood and surroundings but found on HC and there is at least one that does offer accommodation - spare bedroom. Only you pay for food and phone calls if any made. I can contact the person if you are still interested although I am not sure if that person will get back to me in time but I sure hope so.

    I am not sure what your budget is a night but I found $145 for Annex Guest Room (rate for 4 people) with Admiral Resort Motel:

    Another is Offshore Motel: - Rate is $139 for 1 queen.

    Nantucket Motel is $130 - $179 for a King Room:

    Summer Nites: - $105 to $145

    The Sea Gypsy: - $100 per night for The Walt Whitman Room.

    Out of Wildwood in Cape May, there is Cafe May Puffin: for Holly Room for $100 to $220.

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