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Do you trust in Internet auctions site?

Well to buy on internet you have to be careful, but also know how to do it....

I trust only in 2 internet auction site,..

1- because is NEW and people are responsible

2- You have to be a verify member to buy or sell..Is for your own protection...

This are the sites...You dont have to buy..Just visit the site, and also the forum or community area...

If you know another auction site PLEASE not eBay let me KNOW....I know a lot but this 2 are the best....,name,FallenA...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I do trust in internet auctions and i always use ebay. but this question seriously sounds like an ad.

    and I would never trust a business because it's new, that is in no way reason to assume they're responsible.

    what i would trust, if anything, is a very long and , for the most part, good track record. that's why i use ebay, they have a very long and good track record.

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  • I have purchased a lot of items off of ebay in the past. I have some jewelry to sell, and when doing my due diligence I noticed a disturbing trend. Out of pages of auctions, there were only a couple from America. Everything is from China, Hong Kong, India, Peru... . Most of it looked very cheap, but my real problem is , how can you compete with pages and pages of foreign junk ? I guess I'll set a price and go with Etsy, I've bought from them before, so hopefully selling on the site will work. I'll miss ebay, and lose the money of mine that they have, but it's not the same ebay anyway.

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  • 1 decade ago


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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I do

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