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Why Doesn't McCain Know?

Why doesn't John McCain know the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite?

He is no better off than the ignorant fools running the CIA, State Department, and Defense Department under Bush.

Will McCain take the path of neocon imperialist Zionists like Joe Lieberman and simply label them all as "extremists?

How does he expect to solve the vastly complicated political and theological conflicts in the Middle East if he doesn't even understand the ideologies which drive these fundamentalist Islamists?

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    And this from a news bite how many months ago? Okay, let's go there? Why doesn't Obama know how many states are in the union? Why doesn't Obama know what city he is in, misnaming the city in which he was giving a speech? Why did Obama announce "10,000" people had been killed in a tornado?

    I wonder if you actually know the difference between a Sunni and a Shi'ite, and could differentiate between them? You can say you do all day long, but I doubt it.

    Regardless, everyone...even Obama, whom no doubt you support....makes mistakes every day in their conversations, particularly when you are speaking a dozen times a day and every word you say is scrutinized.

    I don't care if he mistakenly called a Sunni, a Shi'ite. I don't care if Obama, like a goose, wakes up in a new world every day.

    I care about what each of them plans to do with this country, should he become president.

    So far, and probably for all time, I do not like Obama's plans.

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    Obama. McCain is a guy without plan, different than to maintain the status quo and provide the rich yet another tax-decrease! And Palin as vice president? 70% of u.s. thinks she isn't qualified! and don't provide me the Bachelor degree 5 college mayor of a city of seven,000 who has never seen Russia, or she could comprehend that the actual element you are able to discover is an Island is greater suitable qualified than Obama. people who stay on the Island which could see it don't have working water or sanitary centers to apply! some governor! she would be able to't even get the endorsement of her very own newspaper!

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    The President of The United States of America is commander in chief of the armed forces. Mc Cain is a trained commander. The president is allowed to have a cabinet of advisors approved by congress.

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    I gues when he is President you can write your congressmen all your knowledge,and then they can forward it to McCain for you.

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    do you really want me to mention Obama saying their were "57" states??? try another one please

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