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is firefox , the computer protecter and fast internet thing , free my computer is super slow . plz help . thx

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    firefox is an internet browser which lets you surf the web like internet explorer but, it's from the mozilla company and doesn't have the internet explorer engine so any holes that internet explorer may have firefox will moslty not have them it is a very fast browser especially firefox 3.0 it is the fastest so far and the newest release you will be inpressed also firefox is more secure than internet explorer and it is very custamizable in themes, extensions, and plugins but if your computer is slow i not only recommend you switch to firefox but run a virus scan i recommend avg 8.0 it is the best if you ask me so get firefox i really don't recommed internet explorer 7 i believe ie6 is better but try firefox

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    yup my brother dowloaded it but my computer was already fast so that was a waste

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    and you can speed up firefox here:

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