Science Fair Question For 911 Demonstration?

i dont want my kid to make another darn volcano that spews vinegar all over the high school gymnasium again. we are becoming infamous in the local community for stinking up the gym...not a good thing!

so i thought that maybe someone could explain to me how to make a small scale representation of how the towers crumbled on 911 with the physics involved in that.

maybe i can try it in my kitchen first since the heat of jet fuel and the heat i use to boil my water for tea and cocoa are about the same temperature.

is there something i am doing wrong? because i have never had my oven vaporize into dust from boiling water for my cocoa.

maybe someone can share with me some pointers so i can help my kid do an educational display of the physics of 911?


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    Excellent idea!

    Don't forget to include such sources and references as found at

    Compare the video of the this building collapse by fire

    Youtube thumbnail


    with WTC 7 or 1 and 2 for that matter.

    and then compare controlled demolitions to the WTC. I'm sure that would get a few views from the public.

    An excellent account of the basement explosions that took place at or very near the the time of the impacts but before either collapse.

    Source(s): Structural engineers, controlled demolition specialists, architects, defense intelligence specialists and various other disciplines who have analyzed the events of 9/11 and conclude that the official investigation was a farce and a cover up was put into place with the 9/11 Commission.
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    Everyone knows that the Twin Towers came down because the fireproofing was blown off, at least that was the main reason that someone official said.

    Also, you will notice if you drop a chunk of concrete onto a length of steel, the steel will fall apart in neat lengths, and the concrete will more or less explosively turn to dust.

    Seriously though, how could you explain the official physics of that event to kids, without instilling some scientifically false notions?

    I haven't looked at the answers you got, yet, I wonder how scary they will be. Glimpsing the workings of minds that accept the official theory, can be quite shocking.

    Be careful, mixing, kerosene, steel, concrete, and a dash of gravity, would leave a molten mass of metal at the bottom of your model.

    edit, I've read the answers, and looked at screw loose change, as advised, of what I read, it seemed to be talking with the expectation that the reader was not quite the full ticket, intellectually. It certainly assumes the reader is not a scientist of any sort.

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    Well, the first thing to do is to teach your kid about the difference between a structural fire and a kitchen stove.

    Then you can do a presentation about the difference between heat and temperature.

    For instance, while both natural gas and jet fuel have similar heats of combustion, the temperature that can be released during combustion of either is dependant on a number of non-intrinsic factors (i.e. the conditions under which the combustion occurs). Thus, it is not correct to state that they have similar temperatures when you are comparing apples to fire trucks.

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    I kind of agree with Weber, but you should have them focus on one thing, like heating steel to different temperatures and recording the temperatures and colors. If you get really advanced, you could build a truss and see how much it sags. If you look at the NIST report of the collapse of the 3 towers (really 2 until WTC 7 report comes out), you could test any one of the thousand debunked hypothesis.

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    Avoid these dishonest and stupid conspiracy theories about 9/11. Burning jet fuel weakened the structures causing them to collapse. All the conspiracy theory nonsense is simply invented by people who hate the United States. In case you are tempted by any of the lies spread by the so-called "9/11 truth" movement, see the source I have posted.

    I've edited this post in response to a correct observation by Mike S.

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    Bob J, I appreciate the first half of your answer and agree. As far as the second part, you need to re-read D's advice. "Screw Loose Change" and "Screw 9/11 Mysteries" are not the same as "Loose Change" and "9/11 Mysteries", and as someone who can source a good debunking site so readily, I'm surprised at such a misunderstanding on your part.

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    I think you should watch Screw Loose Change and/or Screw 9/11 Mysteries. And watch it with an open mind. Then, come to me with something wrong in the films and we can have a rational discussion. I don't want to insult you, I don't want you insulting me, just an intelligent conversation between two adults.

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    Just a suggestion - maybe you should let your kid do their own homework. I would never allow students to get away with such a flagrant display of parents doing their work for them.

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    If I were you I would have your significant other help the child develop a school project. Then, for you kids sake, I would move as far away from him/her as possible and never contact him/her again.

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