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My internal hard drive is running out of space. Should I get an external or internal hard drive?

All I need is around 100-150 gigs, and I want to be able to run my computer normaly without having to go through extra steps to save and open files. So what should I do to get more space? If I should get an internal drive, how do I install it and set it up as a slave to my current HD? Should I get a pro to install it or is it safe for me to do it? What brand and model of internal or external HD should I get?

Oh, and is there any way I can add more RAM?

Thanks for your help.


I'd like fast performance, but will a 7,200 rpm HD wear out easily?

Update 2:

I am constantly cleaning out whatever programs I can and running the disk defrag, but I still need another HD. Like I said, I don't want to have to go through any extra steps to save files, open documents, etc.

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    Well, the internal or external is really up to you. External is only limited by the USB speed, if your motherboard has Serial ATA, use it, tiny, easy to fit cables. External is only good, in my opinion, if you either run out of room inside your case, or if you want or need to transport alot of data to other computers and/or houses.

    Now, as for your add-in details, a 7200RPM harddrive isnt going to wear out any faster than a 5400 or 4200 RPM harddrive. They use specialized equipment for each, and even 10,000 RPM harddrives are rated for 1.6 million hour lifespans, which is about 183 years. Now, 10,000 RPM harddrives are pretty expensive, but the new ones are fast (Raptor isnt much faster than new 750GB harddrives, but Velociraptor competes with the fastest of Solid-state drives).

    but a 300GB velociraptor costs $365ish. Go with a 500GB though, they're dirt cheap and get the job done, $80 for a 500, or $50 for an 80GB, see the massive difference? But if you move alot of large files, want to see quick loads on games, or record HD or video games using fraps, the 10,000 RPM harddrive will definitely be useful to you. Up to your budget though.

    And ram is easy to install, it just uses little clips to hold it in, you simply either find empty slots or remove what you want to replace, make sure the clips are out, and push the RAM in (see-saw motion!) until the clips close themselves. Just make sure its rated as fast or faster than your current stuff so it doesnt slow the rest of it down. When you move the clips outward to open it, it will automatically pop it out, just make sure your computer is off and has been discharged, ram is easy to fry! To discharge a PC you unplug it from the wall socket, and press and HOLD the power button for 10 seconds, you should see the power light blink when you first push it.

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    Adding a secondary harddrive is not too difficult. However, if you have not done it before, I'd say don't do it unless you have someone to guide you. If space is all you need, go for an external drive. The pocket harddrive (2.5") are usually more expensive than a 3.5" external drive. So if mobility is not an issue, get the 3.5" external. You can get 500GB for less than a hundred nowadays. Just plug it into your USB or Firewire and you're ready to go.

    As for RAM, yes, you get just add them yourself. pretty easy. But make sure you know what type of RAM your motherboard takes.

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    I'd go with internal myself......i considered and actually bought an external....but then decided i didnt want it and didnt install it.

    I dunno, i just didnt liek the idea of someone stealing my external hard drive.

    And as far as installing a new internal drive. If its a SATA (as compared to IDE) you dont have to worry about Master and Slave. If it is IDE (big ribbons) can only have 1 Slave and 1 Master per ribbon.....your existing disk should have the jumpers on the back set to Master.....your new one would then have to be quickly set to Slave.

    After its installed.....restart the comp (u can go into BIOS if u want to see if its there).....then in windows, go to Control Panel, Administration Tools, Then Comp Management, and look for Disk Storage/Disk Management.........and format your new will then be ready after an hour or so (depending on the size of the drive)

    Western Digital is my preferred HD manufacturer.

    And yea, there is a site out there that will actually quickly scan your comp and see how much and what kind of ram your comp will take. Im sorry but i cant think of their name......they got cheap prices and AMAZINGLY fast shipping too !!

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    If u want the 2nd drive for storage then just get an external usb drive,seatgate,maxtor,buffalo etc..there all good makes and u can just turn it on and off at the back whenever ure not using it,thats the easiest option.

    if u want an internal then u just move the jumper switch in the back of the drive to slave,insert it into the cage.and screw it in.

    providing u have a spare molex power cable inside ure pc and the ide ribbon cable on ure main drive has the halfway connector to plug in.

    dont know what ram u have or speed unless we know ure mobo make and model no

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    Clean up your hard drive of the programs you aren't really using, then run defrag and empty out your cookies, and then empty your recycle bin..

    Source(s): 25 years of computer use..
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    i think i need more memory but i have 500 gigs....used up 400. Impossible??? Not really.

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