Why haven't we heard much from Cindy McCain?

We seem to hear more from Michelle Obama when it comes to public speaking and doing interviews on shows such as "The View", and other television programs. Why haven't we heard Cindy McCain speak at a public engagement or be a guest on a show?

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    I don't think we hear so much from her because she is an heiress and her net worth of around 100 mil. Too many voters I think that it would throw many people off to her husband. I mean you can't help but notice that the Obama's are from working class families and more people will tend to relate to them more than to Mrs. McCain who was born into wealth and privilege.

    Not only that but for the past couple of month's we have seen Mrs. Obama more often in general may also be because she seems more approachable than Mrs. McCain.

    Mrs.McCain has been on other shows but even on the shows she seems to show a side that I don't think the public would approve of if many had seen it. She has been on Jay Leno and here's just a clip of what I saw...


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    There are other videos that show that she does do good around the world and supports many charities. But to me it still seems as if she has a public image and then there is her private life which is very different from what we see on camera. In this clip no offense to anyone who likes her but she's kinda scary unapproachable in a way.


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    check this out : its about both Mrs. Obama and Mrs. McCain


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    She doesn't know anything about anthing other than beer distributing and rehab for pain pill addiction. I would guess that she doesn't speak much because the McCain campaign is afraid that someone will ask her about some of these things she's done in the past. For instance: her affair with McCain leading to John leaving his handicapped wife for Cindy, her drug addiction, etc. She cannot answer that she didn't do it, so why let her speak at all. She knows a lot about how to spend money though. Also, I think Republican women (at least most of them) are forced to be zombie like.

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    Cindy McCain had a stroke several years ago. She is a very private person, who has to stand there and smile. She reminds me a bit of Pat Nixon.....

    It isn't nice to make nasty comments about either Cindy McCain or Michelle Obama! Both won't read these answers, only English speaking people from all over the world. Very revealing - I would say...

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    It seems the Obama's are the media darlings and do the talk show circuit. He's on Ellen today. They do not give equal time to McCain. Obama refuses to do a town hall meeting with McCain because Obama does poor in open questions. He will probably decline the debates too because he did not win a single debate during the primaries. Edwards, Biden, and Hillary made Obama look bad. He excels when he delivers a speech with no feedback or has a teleprompter to help him. No one wants the McCains because they are low key and genuine, and that does not do well on the evening news.

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    She is doing her charity work as she has been doing for many years. Long before John McCain entered the Presidential race in 2000. She does not campaign on that.

    Her most recent work has been in Vietnam within the last Month.

    Some of the answers given to this question by Obama supporters, clearly show how ignorant you are about the candidates. I bet you know even less about Obama. Why? Because you are too lazy to read and do your research.

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    Cindy has been on the View and other shows. She's pretty busy with her own stuff.

    Cindy McCain to travel to Rwanda

    Posted: 03:11 PM ET

    From CNN's Emily Sherman

    Cindy McCain will travel to Rwanda next week.

    (CNN)— Cindy McCain said Monday she will make a humanitarian trip to Rwanda next week.

    The wife of presumptive Republican nominee John McCain plans to spend four days on the ground in the war-torn African nation on a trip organized by the non-partisan ONE campaign, as part of a group visiting USAID health clinics, schools, and an orphanage. Former Senator Tom Daschle will be joining the trip on behalf of Democrat Barack Obama’s campaign.

    Daschle and former Senator Bill Frist are co-chairmen of the group’s ONE Vote ‘08 initiative.

    Last month, Cindy McCain – who has long been involved with international relief organizations — made a similar journey to Vietnam with Operation SMILE.


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    She's been on talk shows and programs before has been in interviews with 60 Minutes. Honestly I think it might have a lot to do with the fact that she doesn't want to get involved much in her husbands campaign. Republican women like to stay in the background and not get involved too much.

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    She does speak (The View and some campaign events) but has always been behind her husband's shadow. She has always been in Arizona, whilst her husband was in Washington. She may not have a whole lot to offer.

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    This is an interesting question. I don't have an intelligent answer but it makes me wonder exactly what do Americans view as the role of the first lady?

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    Michelle Obama like Hillary Clinton wants as much spotlight as she can get and therefore she is in it. Cindy McCain has a job that she is busy working and really could care less if she is first lady or not

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