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what will happen if i leave the water spiket on, but turn off the nozzle at the other end of the water hose?

I think it will burst somewhere ... most likely the hose ... but my mother thinks this is fine .... pleae help settle the agruement!!!

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    Jakki I do this all the time with no problem, but I am taking chance, the hose could burst and waste lots of water. I always turn off the spigot, if we are leaving house for any length of time.

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    When my yard worker left my hose end closed where the spray nozzle is and turned the water off at the spigot, thereby sealing in a certain volume of water, I have had hoses swell to more than double their size and never go back when the temperature was very high (around here ~100 F). I believe the volume and pressure increased with the increased temperature and since the length was fixed, the result was to increase the diameter of the hose. I presume that if the pressure were increased sufficiently, the hose could eventually fail by splitting.

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    The same thing as when you turn the sink faucet off...there is still water in the pipes, but the opening is closed. It's fine to leave water in the hose but the nozzle closed, it doesn't build up pressure, it just waits until it is able to flow again.

    At least, it's always been fine when I've left it on. The worst thing that might happen is if the connection from the spigot to the hose is crooked, it might leak a little.

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    There will be some added pressure on the hose, but not enough to harm it.

    Water will probably leak out at the spicket/hose connection and at the nozzel/hose connection - so you will be wasting water = money. OK for a short time (like while washing a car), but not for long periods.

    If in freezing weather, the spicket won't be able to release the water in the pipe - and when water freezes it expands, so that could lead to busted water pipe = lots of money.

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    You will generally be okay for a short period of time.

    But here are the warnings. If it is hot, the hose will expand, become soft and possibly burst.

    If there is a spike in water pressure, the hose may burst.

    Best advise....turn off from the spigot.

  • Anonymous
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    No, it won't burst (until winter, when the water in the hose freezes). It should be turned off and water drained from the hose anyways. And quit arguing with your mother. =)

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    i would advise against it unless it was for a short while.

    the same thing is actually happening at your washing machine hoses unless you turn those valves off as well.

  • Andrew
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    If you have a decent nozzle and hose, there is no problem. If there is a weak spot in the hose, it can burst. If the nozzle leaks, well duh, you waste water.

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    Well short term it's ok...but in the grand scheme of things, it will wear out your seals and begin to leak...if the leak continues, it will eventually burst.

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