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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Do any of the designer dog breed names make you...?

When you see some of these designer breed names, do they make you think of something totally different than the dog it is supposed to represent?

Ok, I must be in a very odd mood today because I'm thinking of stupid stuff. But, honestely, when I see some of these breeds, it makes me think of goofy stuff.

Shih Poo makes me think of a dog with diarrhea.

Pom-Chi makes me think of 70's porn music... Pom-chi ka bow wow.


Hahaha!! Michael Jackson, oh for real! I have tears in my eyes!

Update 2:

What's with the thumbs down? This is a personal opinion question. Go elsewhere with your thumbs.

Update 3:

That "teacup" pom-chi looks like a fluffy chipmunk.

Not the dogs fault, I know.

And, yes, doodles & oodles and anything -chi is a mutt.

Update 4:

Please star! I am having such a good time reading these answers that I'd love to see more!

23 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    Schnoodle makes me think of noodles.

    Shih Poo makes me think of feces (yuck).

    Labradoodle makes me think of doodling paper made for toddlers for some reason.

    Cockapoo makes me think of something inappropriate for this website thus I won't be posting it.

    Michael Jackson makes me feel sick.

    Puggles make me think of....goggles. :)

    And I know this is a purebred but Maltese makes me think of Malteasers! yummy!

    Thumbs are scary. Throw rocks at them.

    A shorkie makes me think of a shark;_ylt=Ahag5...

    • KK5 years agoReport

      Hahahah lmao off at these! Agree!

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  • 1 decade ago

    My fav designer breed is the Bull dog and Shih Tzu mix, the Bull Shihtz and that's how I feel about designer dog, it's all bull Shihtz. Funniest freaking dog I saw at the Dog Park well can't really be called a dog, it was so tiny (about 2lbs) it looked like a shaved Pomeranian maybe it was a Pom Chi but oh god, for the larger dogs it was a squeeky toy with fur, even funnier, a guy was carrying it and his g/f looked like Paris Hilton on a bad day, we were all guessing the g/f made him buy the dog.

    EDIT: Thanks for the Pom-chi photo (scary) see now imagine that shaved cept for the head, ya....rat with fur

    Ha ha ha Puggle a rare breed, ya so is my Pittador (lab/pit mix) ...hey I created a new breed, too bad she's fixed I could make a bundle with my Pittador puppies.

    • KK5 years agoReport

      I had a Pitador! Lol that's what I called him too! Funny!

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  • 5 years ago

    All of the designer breeds bother me! They aren't AKC approved and they are ruining the breeds! Essentially they are muts and they want so much money for them it's ridiculous!! Purebreeds are worth a lot of money, not mixes. It's messed up and people actually pay more money because of the mix? That's absurd!

    Source(s): Dog lover, owner, trainer
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  • 1 decade ago

    The funnest one I have seen is the Chi-Chong all i could think of is the Cheech and Chong car with all the "smoke' billowing out the windows.

    The usual Shiz tsu, or poodle combos make me think housebreaking issues. The "tea cup" makes me of some critter sitting in my china tea cups.The posket book things, can you imagine the look of a pickpocket that sticks his hand in there. Then you have the Cocker mixes---well you know a dirty mind is a terible thing to waste.

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  • St Bernadoodle !!!!!! GREAT !!!! I cant even SAY it !!!

    All the poo and oodles!! I means is this really CUTE to you ??

    Here a ''teacup'' Pom-Chi ( sound like one of those japanese game )

    I creates my own designer breed :)


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "Pom-chi ka bow wow" Too funny...doggie porn for breeders to use to help their dogs get in the mood:P

    Golden-doodle: Being able to write your name in the snow

    Pek-a-poo: A sneaky little turd

    Malti-poo: Lots of little poos

    Yorkie-poo: What you do after you eat Yorkshire pudding

    Cock-a-poo: You really don't want to know...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Haha the mere title "designer breed" makes me sick. I actually had a lady come into my store with a puggle yesterday, and when I told her we had quite a few puggles in yesterday, she said "Really? They are such a rare breed, I don't see another one very often." It took everything I had not to laugh. Mutts are great dogs, but breeding them on purpose and crazy people who will pay an arm and a leg for one is insane.

    • KK5 years agoReport

      OMG YES! I'm so glad someone else said this too! Even if it was 7 years ago!

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  • 1 decade ago


    I'm with you on the Shih Poo thing, but Pom-Chi makes me picture like a Palm Pilot or something.

    Anyting with "doodle" at the end makes me picture drawings or those noodle things you swim with.

    Puggles and Boggles (what ever those are) sound like NeoPets or board games. And someone earlier mentioned they had a Yorkinese--sounds like some Oriental food dish or something--yum!

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  • 1 decade ago

    oh my well let's see....

    there's the Kimola- which to me sounds like a kimono smeared w/canola oil. (American Eskimo-Lhasa Apso mix)

    there's the Pomimo which to me sounds like a combination of a pimento and a palomino horse...but it's actually a American Eskimo-Pomeranian.

    Rustralian Terrier which sounds like some sort of murderer or something. "OH NO it's the Rustralian Terrier he's done it again! RUN!)

    that is acutally a Australian shepherd-Jack Russell Terrier.

    The Basschshund which sounds like some sort of mutated fish. (Basset hound-Dachshund mix)

    The Sharp Asset, which sounds like a banking term or something. (Basset-Shar Pei)

    The Glechon which sounds like the words Gleek On (gleek means to spit). nasty! (Beagle-Bichon Frise)

    The Doxle which sounds like the word debacle (which means- misfortune) appropriate i think! (Beagle-Dachshund )

    The Lhaffon- which to me is hilarious....this mix and it's name makes me Laugh-on @ the Lhaffon. (Brussels Griffon-Lhasa Apso)

    The Poocan- which to me sounds like what you call a pecan after it's come out the back end of a dog. (Cairn Terrier-Poodle )

    and here is a WHOLE LIST more them!

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  • Pdub
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Puggle: makes me think of that laundry detergent bear, I think he was snuggles or something??

    Jack a poo: makes me think that some guy named Jack is taking a dump.

    Malti-poo: makes me think of multi-colored poo.

    Schnoodle: makes me think of that Sound of music song "and schnitzel with noodles..."

    And the best one,

    Bich-poo: Well, we won't even go into that one...

    Haha! great question, by the way!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Schnorkie -- makes me think of someone trying to say something when they are trying to sneeze as well...

    Afoolie -- sounds like the last guy I dated...

    Bea-Tzu -- makes me think of someone saying "I beat you"

    Cav-A-Malt -- new flavor of shake at McDonald's???

    Nekkid and I decided we'd make Great Canes...which is a great dane mixed with a chihuahua mixed with a chinese crested. LOL LOL LOL

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