Freeze in Steam account login screen?

When it says "Connecting Steam Account:Myacountname..." it didnt move,I've waited for about 5 mins and it still didnt move,I tried to restart my pc and that didn't make much of changes,it just freeze there,I even restarted my internet by the way

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    1 decade ago
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    Seems like Valve is having issues with its servers or may be they might have done something to your account... I'm guessing a server failure or something.

    It might be fixed after a while.

    Hope this helps!

  • 4 years ago

    If some thing became off you firewall, nicely i could start up scanning, to this point as AVG, in the event that they are in Quarantine they ok. Microsoft deliver a Malicious gadget replace each six months. acquire malware bytes>installation>replace definitions>test, this is often accomplished in primary or secure mode. in case you cost what's one your laptop decrease back it up, because of the fact it would desire to come to having to reformat you complicated force sooner or later? I had a complicated force fail on me and that i lost all and that i in simple terms began working a employer, it quite is as quickly as I seen backing up and advise all and sundry do it, please do not take the concepts-set "it quite is going to never take place" as I did and once you least assume it? All it expenditures is so you might purchase an exterior complicated force and your have a backup of all your individual information, and that i decrease back up a pair of times a week. you're able to do a device restore to a date previous the freezing. in the journey that your working abode windows 7 something that wasn't there on the date you restore to will pass, so it has the means to eliminate trojans? A Blue exhibit is indicating sone conflict so i could advise a device restore to a date ahead of this occurring, for the reason which you not getting it each and all of the time run some scans with AVG and malware bytes. To get to AVG open this technique, pass to quarintine, and you are able to might desire to spotlight or there'll be a delete all button, persist with that with a restart, then test lower back. with any luck it won't come to a reformat, in view it quite is the specific hearth treatment, if all else fails?

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