boyfrnz 21st bday coming up,the 1st 2 b celebrated aftr v began dating!bright ideas needed to make ds xtraspcl

i wanna gv hm sth dt s spcl 4 hm..nt jst anythg fancy,expensive or commonplace...i want to gv him sth that he can cherish...

is it true that sentimental gifts appeal only to girls...guys prefer expensive fancy gifts??

if no..then plz plz give me ideas...m a student n hence budget is one restriction...need ideas 2 brighten up his birthday!!

initially i ws planning to gv hm a huge pic frame wd his family pic in it,taken when he ws a kid...

additional ideas needed...the more creative..the better

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That's the most annoying question I've ever read.

  • guys dont prefer fancy things everyone likes something that comes from the heart. Such as a nice card or letter telling him how you feel, a photo album with pictures of fun things he has done with you/family/friends. You can get cool cards where you can record your own greeting. Something person like that

  • 1 decade ago

    learn to complete your words people arent mind readers

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