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what are the products of mindanao?

is there a map of philippine products?

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    Mindanao is home to the biggest pineapple plantation (Del Monte Corporation and Dole Phils), tomatoes, Bananas (Stanfilco), in Bukidnon, the logging business is thriving,so lumber is plentiful, sugarcane plantation of Zubiri and Fortich are so wide, hence there are lots of sugarcane and sugar products, corn, rice and much more. In Davao, it's known for durian and abaca.

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    There are many Products in the philippines such as Fruits and vegetables there are the example of products.The essential of the products is to make people healthy..

    ~John Marts add on FB.. Thank you.. this is my no.1 opinion..

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    Malong, fruits like Durian, Mangostin (sp.?), Marang and golden pineapples, pearls, and good harvest of fishes like tuna, salmon and macarel.

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    rice, corn, coconut, pineapples, banana, abaca, lumber, mangoes, durian, rubber, papaya, cattle, poultry, hogs, copper, gold, coal,...

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