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help! 12 principles of Green Chemistry

Use renewable raw materials

-what this principle is ?

-explain it in some detail

-where is it used in relation to industry

-how it will help the environment?

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    你可以上呢個網址睇下, 這是yahoo blog, 放心冇毒

    詳細清楚標示出咩叫green chem. 及其中一個近年green chem. 科研上一項成功的例子, 它可以應用於塑膠工廠

    另外我補充多項principles of Green Chemistry, (個網址沒寫出黎)

    In past, percentage yield is common method to estimate a chemical synthesis whether have economical values.

    But nowadays, the new method to distinguish a chemical synthesis in industry is Atom Economy.

    atom economy = (the total molar mass of ultimate products/ the total molar mass of starting materials) x 100%

    The higher atom economy, the higher is the efficiency of a chemical process.

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