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Should the" STOP the engine while waiting" programme be introduced in HK?

Playing computer/ video games do more hram than good to teenagers. Do you agree with it?


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    Should the "STOP the engine while waiting" programme be introduced in HK?

    "STOP the engine while waiting" programme should be introduced in HK. A lot of drivers do not want to stop the engine running when they are waiting for someone. This is because they are enjoying the in-car air-conditioning. However this will continue to create hot air from the radiators and emission gas from the engine to the atmosphere, especially during summer where it is hot enough on the road.

    In order to prevent the air pollution to worsen any further, the Government has already encouraged commercial vehicle drivers to upgrade to Euro 5 qualified vehicles. To further decrease the amount of air pollutant produced from cars in HK, the Government should legislate to encourage drivers to stop their engine when they stop above a certain amount of time.

    However, the Government has to consider the effects to the public transport as well. Public transport should provide a comfortable environment to the passengers when they board. No one is willing to get on board if the temperature inside the vehicle is too hot. Therefore, a short time allowance could be applied to public transport for them to leave their engine running while they stop to wait for passengers.

    The government has also started investigation on building a hybrid device for public transport to continue to use air-conditioning after the car engine is turned off. This will also help to make the programme more flexible and quicker to become effective.

    As the global warming and air pollution is getting worse in the world, the Government should make this "STOP the engine while waiting" programme effective as soon as possible, with consideration to both the drivers and pedestrians.


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    Playing computer/ video games do more harm than good to teenagers. Do you agree with it?

    I agree playing computer or video games do more harm than good to teenagers.

    2008-07-18 16:36:52 補充:

    Today it is very easy for teenagers to get involved in computer games. The price of computers is getting more and more affordable and each family has at least one computer in average in HK. There are internet cafes with affordable hourly prices to attract teenagers to use.

    2008-07-18 16:37:08 補充:

    Games that are played through internet are getting more and more common in the past few years. They usually designed to make players obsessed for continuous playing.

    2008-07-18 16:37:18 補充:

    When the players get bored after playing for a few months, they produced expansion packs or other new features to attract players to continue playing the game for another several months.

    2008-07-18 16:37:27 補充:

    Video games have also made a revolution as well by connecting the console on the internet. This will add more features to traditional games which are usually played alone.

    2008-07-18 16:37:49 補充:

    However, continuous playing computer or video games will make the player tired. Players normally have lack of rest and affect their normal habits. They do not eat and drink until there is a chance for them to leave the game temporarily, which does not happen often.

    2008-07-18 16:38:03 補充:

    They will force themselves not to go to toilet regularly. This will damage their bodies, especially to the kidney. Staring at the monitor for a long time will also damage their eyes and worsen their short-sight problems.

    2008-07-18 16:38:08 補充:

    Continuous playing video games will also make the relationship of the teenagers and their family worse as they have less time to be together. A lot of cases happened that the teenagers attacked their family members because they were forced not to play in a mean way.

    2008-07-18 16:38:26 補充:

    There were some teenagers trying to hurt themselves to protest against other people interrupt their game lives, even committing suicide.

    2008-07-18 16:38:35 補充:

    When teenagers spend their time playing games at internet café, they may know bad people and may be invited to become a gangster. This will increase the crime rates in Hong Kong.

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