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老婆辛西亞要離婚! A-Rod恐要付50億贍養費

更新日期:2008/07/08 10:03 體育中心綜合報導

紐約洋基球星A-Rod(Alex Rodriguez)與流行天后瑪丹娜的緋聞事件,鬧得沸沸揚揚,A-Rod的妻子辛西亞,7日已經正式向法院申請離婚。據美國媒體估計,A-Rod的離婚官司如果打輸,他可能要付出新台幣50億元的贍養費。


辛西亞的離婚訴訟並沒有提到贍養費,不過根據美國媒體的估計,2006年籃球大帝Miahael Jordan的離婚贍養費超過新台幣50億元。而目前A-Rod年薪高達2000多萬美金,是美國職棒最高薪的球員,這場離婚官司A-Rod如果打輸,他要付出的贍養費,恐怕也要超過新台幣50億元。



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    The wife Xin west Asia must divorce! A-Rod fears must pay 50

    hundred million supports expenses.

    Renewal date: 2.008/07/08 billion 10:03 sport center comprehensive dispatch.

    New York 洋基 ball game star A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) after the

    popular day the Masurium Dan'sna scandal event, is much noisier, the

    A-Rod wife Xin west Asia, on 7th already officially divorced to the

    court application. According to the American media estimated, the

    A-Rod divorce lawsuit if loses, he possibly must pay 新台幣 50

    hundred million Yuan supports expenses.

    The American media recently largely reported A-Rod and the Masurium

    Danna ambiguous relations, but A-Rod Ms. the Xin west Asia on 7th

    already entrusted attorney, handed over the shape application divorce

    to Florida family court. The Xin west Asia appoints attorney to

    indicate that, "the Xin west Asia clear tells me, her must adopt the

    right method, does to the matter, protects the child and she".

    The Xin west Asia's divorce lawsuit has not certainly mentioned the

    support expense, but acts according to the American media the

    estimate, in 2006 the basketball big emperor Miahael Jordan divorce

    support expense surpasses 新台幣 50 hundred million Yuan. But the

    present A-Rod yearly salary reaches as high as more than 2,000 ten

    thousand Dollar, is the American duty stick most high salary player,

    this divorce lawsuit A-Rod if loses, he must pay perhaps the support

    expense, also must surpass 新台幣 50 hundred million Yuan.

    But facing the scandal rumor, Masurium Danna is penetrates the

    magazine to issue the statement, any has not certainly implicated with

    A-Rod between, pretends non-involvement vigorously two person of

    relations; But A-Rod is does not hope the frontage response, in 洋基

    with in the red sock competition, he also takes the lead to eject the

    entire rampart to hit, expressed oneself does not receive affects, but

    this divorces the lawsuit to involve to the high quota support

    expense, future inevitably will become the focal point which the

    outside will gaze.

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