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我在Myspace上的 Mood Update 那邊看到

「distractable」這個選項. 它是「容易分心的」.

不過在 Yahoo!字典 那邊輸入這個單字 是找不到資料的!!!






* 差在 a 跟 i



可是Myspace是國外網站耶 ((或許會有錯啦 :P


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    根據 Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster Online:distractible = distractable \di-ˈstrak-tə-bəl\又,根據 Lexicus - Word Definitions for Puzzlers and Word Lovers,此名詞在以下文學作品使用過:1. The Papacy and the Levant (1204-1571). by Kenneth M. Setton (1984)"... and aware of the perils of his time, Giovanni de' Medici was also distractable, and we may well assume that he gave little thought to the Turks as he ..."2. Character and Temperament by Joseph Jastrow (1921)"tion, or as light and distractable—adapted to the longer or the shorter shifts of effort. Judgment and the power of combining and of problem-solving have ..."3. The American Journal of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children (1916)"She was well for five years and was admitted for the sixth time on the second of June, 1915. She was mildly hyperactive, distractable, flippant, ..."4. The Mental Health of the School Child: The Psycho-educational Clinic in by John Edward Wallace Wallin (1914)"In the clinic, on superficial examination, he appeared bright, but with a highly distractable attention, his speech was distinct, fluent, but also glib, ..."5. A Short Abridgement of Britane's Distemper: From the Yeare of God M.DC.XXXIX by Patrick Gordon, fl. 1649 (1844)"... put to ane work of greatest consequence, al men (doe as it ware) hunger till they be satisfied in their expectations. Hes not this distractable natione ..."6. All the World Over by Edwin Hodder (1875)"Yes, if you are distractable. For my part, I don't feel so ; and therefore don't regret that the time has come for Theresa and myself to ..."

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