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So I studied Indonesian in high school, where I scored straight A's. I dropped it in my last year of school (five years ago) and recently picked it back up again.

I bought the Rosetta Stone program, a grammar book and a dictionary. I plan on visiting Indonesia next year for about 6-7 months, where I will be attending a language learning school there.

What would be the best course of action to prepare for it? Daily study, broken up into sessions of Rosetta Stone, grammar and phrases?

Will listening to radio help, even if I don't fully understand everything said?

The more I study, the more that clicks back in and I remember things I used to know in school. However when I listen to the radio or whatever, they seem to speak so fast that I don't think I'd ever be able to get to that level.


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    ach, mensch. indonesian is not that difficult. people say that it is the easiest languange in the world ever.

    my german husband stayed in bandung only for 7 months and he speaks good indonesian already. and guess what, i am now living here in germany for 1 year and can barely speak german rightly.

    there is no tenses, articles, etc etc, so nothing special that u should learn in indonesian. so i suggest u to stop worrying abt it. =)

    do daily study. these websites could be pretty helpful:

    and remember, once u be in indonesia later, the local people will help u too.

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  • Nic B
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    7 years ago

    Well done for picking it back up again :)

    Listening certainly helps, even if you don't understand it. Don't do it if it's just going to stress you out - they DO speak really fast on the news etc. I can't pick all of it up, and I'm fairly fluent.

    Indonesian friends would certainly help - you could do language exchange too, where you help with English and they help with Indonesian. Maybe advertise on Gumtree?

    Quizlet might be useful - search for a topic in Indonesian, they'll have pre-prepared word lists on there which you could learn.

    Of most use will be conversational Indonesian - where are you from, how long have you been here, oh thanks but I'm not fluent yet, no I'm not married yet, I'm a student, where's the toilet?, how much is this?, I'd like to order x. I love going to Indonesia and the prospect of practising my language - but most of the conversations end up along these lines, over and over again. Every taxi driver, people in book stores and bakeries, the market etc - they'll all have this same conversation with you!

    Daily study is a good idea - frequency of study is the best course of action rather than one long session. Definitely do listening practice every day if possible, but try writing sentences and saying words aloud too. Writing and speaking are both productive skills that are much more difficult than passively listening and reading.

    Try an incorporate it into your everyday life so that there is a purpose e.g. use a recipe written in Indonesian (not necessarily Indo food, it could be a cake).

    Best of luck, you're going to have a ball!

    Source(s): I'm an Indonesian teacher.
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    the best answer for that, is to try surround yourself with as many Indonesian friends or family so you will pick up the language again.

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