why is nick hogan going to jail?

i heard that nick hogan is going to jail WHY

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    He's been in jail for awhile now for reckless driving and putting his friend John (the passenger who wasn't wearing a seat belt) on life support.

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    Nick Hogan was involved in a serious car accident. He was driving the car and his good friend was also in the car at the front seat. While driving Nick was heavily intoxicated which made him to drive at a speed of 100 kmphs. Nick tried to make a U-turn at a speed of 80 kmphs which led to a serious car accident. Nick's friend suffered a serious brain damage, while Nick suffered minor injuries to his chest and head.

    The authorities later on classified the accident as an A- type accident which Nick was subjected to 3 crimes.

    So the police had him arrested for irrational driving. Now he is to face atleast 3 years of penitory confinement in Miami, Florida's jail. Hope this helps.....

  • Bollea was involved in a serious accident in Clearwater, Florida, on the evening of August 26, 2007. Bollea and three members of the pit crew for his drifting team,[4] using two of his father's cars — a yellow Toyota Supra[12] and a silver Dodge Viper — were traveling to a steakhouse when the single-vehicle crash occurred at Court St. and Missouri Ave., near downtown Clearwater. The yellow Supra, which Bollea had been driving in the outside lane,[13] fishtailed and spun across the road, crashing into the median strip and into a palm tree. The impact of the collision "destroyed the entire car".[9] The posted speed limit on that stretch of road was 40 mph, but a reconstruction of the crash by police shows that the Supra was traveling "in excess of 60 mph".[13] Danny Jacobs — the pit crew member driving the silver Viper — told police that the speed of the two cars was "not more than 70".[13]

    Bollea told medical workers that wet roads were the cause of his crash.[13] He and his passenger, 22-year-old John Graziano, were flown to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. Bollea was released from care on August 27 and said to be "OK".[14] Graziano, a U.S. Marine[9] and a former member of Bollea's pit crew,[7] was not wearing a seatbelt.[12] The eye and brain injuries he sustained are expected to leave him in a nursing home for the rest of his life.[15]

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    because he was in a drag racing accident and his blood alcohol content revealed he was drunk and since the guy in the car with him was hurt, he is being charged with endangerment and that is punishable by jail. He is serving time for the criminal action of third-degree felony reckless driving involving serious bodily injury. Any time a person chooses to drink and drive and it ends up injuring someone to the extent in which his friend is injured, jail time is always a possibility.

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    he is in Jail he was in a serious Car Accident and almost killed his Friend

    Street Racing and Drinking underage and Dui!

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    He's been in jail for months already..

    He was speeding and wrecked and put his friend in a coma.

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    He was speeding in a car with a passenger and crashed, and now, the passenger has brain damage.

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    drag racing with some dude and crashed, hit some1 whos in a coma. (i wont include my opinion on the matter)

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    cuz he got into an accident which left one of his friends in vegetative state due to dui

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