Will wearing earplugs help heal a perforated eardrum?

I perforated my eardrum with a q tip the other day (stupid me) and when I wear an ear pllug the pressure in my ear seems to ease, however, will this mess up the healing of my eardrum?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you haven't seen a doctor about this, do so. Also, a doctor would easily be able to answer this question for you. If your eardrum is perforated you could possibly lose hearing depending on how it heals, due to scar tissue forming on the membrane. But, for the most part if you can relieve pressure on it and keep your ear clean, it'll heal in a few months. You do NOT want an infection to form in your middle ear (the area behind the membrane). Be aware of your ear, and go see a doctor. The doctor may give you something to use to either clean your ear, or perhaps some antibiotics in case you already have a slight infection.

    Earplugs might be a bad idea. Closing up the environment in your ear might keep outside elements away, but the conditions in your ear will be pretty good for growing and spreading bacteria that'll cause a nasty infection. Though, I'd say if you're going to use earplugs, wash them before every use.

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