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dobermins for sale?

i want a dobermin puppy and i want to know if there are any for sale.

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    check Just put in your zip code or city, and the breed you want in the search box. I guarantee you'll find some. You'd be surprised at the number of purebreeds for sale there, and unfortunately dobermans have a rather high occurrence in shelters and rescues. Also, see if there's a doberman rescue near you. If you can't find a purebred doberman, I'm sure there's doberman mix or something that you'll simply fall in love with.

    Getting one from a shelter or rescue is preferable because:

    you're saving a life

    they'll probably neutered/spayed already for you

    they'll be up to date with shots

    they'll probably be temperament tested so you can find the dog best suited for you

    If you just buy one from out of a newspaper add, you'll probably have to pay for all their shots, dewormings, fixing, and probably won't know much about their temperament. With, the dog's caretakers list things like special needs, problems with kids/other animals, etc.

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    You can look in your local newspaper's classified ads to see if there are any for sale in your area. I would check out the local shelter before you do anything though. There are lot's of great dogs out there that need good homes! You may just find your doggy-soulmate! Good luck.

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    Check your newspaper. They have articles saying PUPPIES FOR SALE!!!!! Hope you find one =D you can also go to the animal shelter and check it out!!

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