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Please read, this may save your Birds Life!!!?

Teflon (trtrafluoroethylene) a product commonly found in

Dupont products contains a product called polytetraflouethylene (PTFE) this poison is not only found in the fumes of teflon products but other products as well. Like carbon Monoxide PTFE is an odorless and silent killer, and travels through the air unnoticed, in human it causes flu like symptoms in bird it PTFE KILLS. All birds have sensitive respiratory systems and PTFE poisoning causes a traumatic and painful death. PTFE is commonly found in:

Non-Stick cookware, Irons w/ non-stick sole plates, portable heaters, stir fryers/ woks, pizza pans, self- cleaning ovens, bread makers, curling irons, hair dryers, cookie sheets, crock pots, deep fryers, and much more.

I accidently killed my baby because I used a new curling iron and burned his lungs, he was dead within hours, it was awlful to watch he couldn't even hold his head up, like he had a stroke. Please pass the word so that no one else goes through what I just did,

TY :(


Go to, for more information..

Update 2:

WHOA: I don't know about hair straightners, you can find a list of the objects that contain teflon on the linj I provided. But be aware that Teflon is a name brand from Dupont, like Levi's or guess jeans, other companies may have PTFE in them but under a different name or ingredient, if you are unsure you should call the manufactuor of the product to make certain. As for nail polish, and nail polish remover I'm not sure that these contain PTFE (polytetraflouethylene) in them, check the ingredients on the bottle. Just be aware of what you are using by your bird, and focus more on the ingredients in the products you are using.

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    Thank u soooo much 4 posting this! I hav 2 cockatiels and I love them soo much and I would'nt want anything 2 happen 2 them!

    I'm sorry about what happened to bird :(

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    I laughed at number 3

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    You might add that scented candles, incense and any kind of tobacco (or other) smoke is even MORE harmful and even more COMMON in the average house. This, above anything else, is what causes the "mysterious" deaths of pet birds.

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    you are right, teflon and other products can kill your bird within a few mins check out for a full list of stuff that may contain telfon

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    thank you, thank you, thank you! I am getting a bird soon, and im soooo glad I know this now! P.S.- im so sorry about your bird.=(

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    wow...thank you sooooo much. i am getting a parrot soon and i wil be very sure to not use those around him/her

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    i shure soo sorry for ur bird and u.

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    what about straighteners? do they give that off?

    edit: oh ok, that makes sense. ty.

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