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attorney "perry mason"?

did atteorney "perry mason ever loose a case? if so who was he defending? I know Matlock did 2 I think maybe

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    yes, i can't remember who he was defending but when he heard the verdict, he just stood in front of his desk with a look of disbelief. pretty good episode.

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    Mason actually lost two murder cases in the original series. In one, "The Case of the Terrified Typist," he was misled by his client, Duane Jefferson, a business associate of the victim. He convinced the judge to hold a retrial in that case. In the other, "The Case of the Deadly Verdict," his client, Janice Barton (a relative of the victim) was eventually cleared.

    Matlock also lost at least two cases. They were referenced in the episodes The Stripper and The Convict. In both cases, he makes amends.

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    I can only remember 1 time. He did however, get the verdict reversed, and helped to have the guilty party convicted.

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    Yes, he lost one case. "The Case of the Deadly Verdict." But it wasn't his fault. His client withheld evidence needed to win.

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    i don't believe perry mason ever lost... of course maybe one - gotta be human

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    No, Perry never lost a case.

    Source(s): Erle Stanley Gardner
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    Some one is stuck in movie land

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