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If American or Western football were an olympic sport... heres my roster?

with 45 countries that play this sport worldwide according to IFAF theres some chance in the near future to see american football an olympic sport

Head Coach: M.McCarthy(Pro Bowl)

Asst: D.Pees


Defense: Lovie Smith

QB: Brett Farve(i'll talk him into playing again)

Tom Brady and Ben Rothelisberger

HB: Adrian Peterson, LT, Brandon Jacobs

FB: Heath Evans and Amhad Bradshaw

TE: Jason Witten ,Jeremy Shockey and Chris Cooley

WR: Donald Driver, T.Owens, M.Harrsion, David Tyree, Wes Welker, Chad Johnson, Plaxico Burress, Reggie Wayne.

Offensive Line: Shaun O hara, Logan Mankins, Junious Coston, Chris Snee

Defensive Line: Justin Tuck, Vince Wilfork, Dwight Freeney,

LBs: Tedy Bruschi, Brian Urlacher, Mike Vrabel, AJ Hawk

SS: Atari Bigby, Rodney Harrison

FS: Ed Reed, Kenny Phillips

CBs: Asante Samuel, Champ Bailey, Corey Webster, Alan Ball, and Ellis Hobbs

Punter/Holder: Mike Schifres

LS: L.Paxton

KR/PR: Devin Hester and E.Hobbs

K: L.Tynes


and i forgot the commentators.....

Al Michaels

Joe Buck

Troy Aikman

Chris Collinworth

Update 2:

Besides... These NFL players are 100% proud of their USA and love their sport... so if American football was an olympic discipline.. they will proudly represent our nation!!!

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    I love football as much as the next guy.. But you're crazy if you ever think this will be an Olympic sport. 1) No matter how many countries "play" football, there's very few countries that actually play football. 2) There's no way the NFL players, coaches & owners and the league itseld would allow their stars to play. You basically have 2 week to play a tournament? 16 teams, single elimination would be 4 games in 2 weeks.. Not to mention having qualifying tournaments. No way they take the chance of injury right before the season begins.

    If they got rid of baseball, a sport that much of the world actually plays, football will never be an Olympic sport.

    What's up with your roster... Mike McCarthy? No way he's he's the best coach. Brett Favre over Peyton Manning? Shockey???? His team was better without him! Where's Randy Moss? Vrabel & Bruschi? Are you serious?

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  • Anonymous
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    i would not go along with your roster, but that would be more than enough to win. There would never be an olympics for football. never. even if there was, i seriously doubt it that coaches would want there players playing in the summer. what about training camp and finalizing the rosters, and preseaon? what if someone was too get injured in the olympics, right before preseason? just wouldnt happen. either way, your roster would deff. get the job done. NFL is and will always be the best football in the world. i think college players that never made it in the NFL would be people to send off though.it would be a great idea. Remember when we sent amuataurs to play in the olympics for basketball and we still won? well this would more than likely work for football. Good college players that got cut in the nfl would be a good idea for the national team if it was too happen (using my imagination). That would be a good idea and they would still pull off the victory for usa. HEY, good question though, its fun thinking about it.

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  • While it would be awesome to see football in the Olympics it just won't happen. For one thing the Olympics aren't long enough to truly have a tournament. 2 weeks just isn't long enough. It would be a good idea...but, it just wont happen.

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  • jobees
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    1 decade ago

    Soccer is authentic football American and Australian and Rugby are not played in many countries arround the world so it has no chance of getting in.

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