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Sugar glider is loosing patches of hair?

Anyone have any idea what may be causing my male glider to loose hair in patches?

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    There could be a few reasons he's losing hair.

    One could be ringworm. It's pretty easy to treat, but you should still go to the vet.

    Another could be overgrooming/self mutilation. If the balding areas are red and inflammed, that's probably what he's doing. Gliders do this if they're lonely normally, or if they've undergone a sugrgery such as a neuter.

    One could be mange. Again, take him to the vet.

    Another could be... Because he's a boy.

    If it's just on top of his head, then don't worry. It's just his bald spot that every unaltered male has. :)

    But if it's not just on his forehead, then take him to the vet.

    I heard that someone's suggie who had cancer started to lose her hair.

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    Aw poor little fella. There are a few reasons this could happen. One is he is severely depressed. They should not be alone, so I hope you have him a friend. One other one is he is not getting out of his cage often or long enough. There are Sugar Glider websites out there, have you googled anything? How is his diet?

    Hope that helps, and I hope your little sugar glider is feeling better soon.

    Source(s): I have some sugar gliders.
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    placed treats and a put in some variety of container placed a great number of fleece right here day examine it, sugar gliders like someplace heat and darkish to place it. additionally the place precisely are you located? (placed the container of treats and fleece close to the place you spot it plenty)

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    should be checked for mange

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