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Can you damage your memory rams by down loading large movie files of the net?

i mean can u damage your memory rams in such a way as it slows your pc down if you download large movie files for hours on your p.c ??

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    no you won't damage RAM doing that

    if your computer slows down defragment your computers hard drive,use registry cleaners to rid your computer of junk that builds up and make sure your antivirus and firewalls are up to date

    go to and download these applications

    argente registry cleaner, ccleaner, glary utilities, regscrubxpvista

    these will rid your computer of all the junk that can build in your registry, temporary files etc...

    if you want to uninstall a program completely or uninstall a program that refuses to uninstall use this application it too is from

    revo unistaller

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    Well it's not refered to as memory rams, just RAM or memory. No you can't hurt it by downloading stuff off the net.

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    NO, it will only take up space in your harddrive which of no concern,

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