Can my employer refuse to give me my vacation time? I live in Canada.?

Can my employer refuse to give me my vacation time? Official exuse is "we would appritiate that any holiday requests are not during what we expect to be our normally busy periods of the summer month unless absolutely necessary" But i am only person who has been treated like that, rest of the people went on holidays.I live in Canada.

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    They can't tell you you can't have any holidays....but they can tell you that you can't take them the exact times you want them due to staffing issues. Its often the case that the more senior employees get first pick at vacation time and if you don't happen to be in that category you have to settle for vacation time that's not in the summer.

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    It doesn't say that they refuse to give you your vacation time. It just states that they would like you to go when they are not so busy. I think it would be a smart business decision for you to schedule your vacation during the less busy time if possible.

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