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Best lubrication for longboard? (Skating/ pavement surfing haha)?

I ride on randall 180s and abec 11s. I'm not sure what bearings but its from Bustin Boards. It is a 38" Cigar.

Few weeks ago my board was briefly in the rain for about 2 minutes before I finally convinced my dad to pull over while on the highway so i can wipe it down and take it inside. Should I use WD40 to take out the squeakiness?

I usually just take off the wheels and wipe em all clean once in awhile.


what about the randalls? its squeaky around where you adjust for tightness.

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    Never use WD-40 it attracts dirt and grime. Use only a proper skateboard lubricant.

    I would recommend a cleaning before lubrication. If you are not sure follow the directions on the Bones Bearings website. It's about the best documentation of bearing cleaning.

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    Use Tri flow. wipe off excess to prevent attracting dirt. Twice as good as WD.

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    yah just use WD40

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