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Should I ride my bike to school?

I live 3.5 miles away from my school. I live in North Eastern Ohio, so we do have some pretty harsh winters. I was also wondering if exercising this early in the morning would drain me of my energy and make me do bad in school or boost my energy and help me out. Should I go for it or not?

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    Depending on what you eat for breakfast and how often you ride your bike (which will affect your endurance), riding your bike to school will most definitely increase your energy in the morning. Just be sure to always dress appropriately – bright, noticeable colors to keep you safe in traffic and warm clothing for cold weather. Also, be sure that you won't be stranded at school after class in case there is bad weather or you are simply too tired to make it home. Always carry a cell phone as well. Best of luck!

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    Riding Bike To School

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    at your age, assuming you're in pretty good shape, 3.5 miles will be nothing! go for it! I lived on the other side of a mountain from my school, 12 miles away. I was the 1st stop in the morning, and the last in the afternoon. on days that I rode my bike, I was able to beat the bus! don't be too proud to take the bus once in awhile if you need a break, or the weather sucks. it's mass transit after all, so better than driving a car! just sit in back with the cool kids..

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    A person of school age cycling 3.5 miles ! NO- It won't drain you of energy!

    Being realistic though, you may take a week or so to get used to it, apart from that it can only do you good!

    If the weather is too harsh, then don't try and be a martyr, get a lift or catch a bus.

    Best of luck.


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    Its a great idea to ride to school. Use the 3.5 miles as an interval. Of course if you cannot shower / clean up at school, your classmates may not wish to sit close by. Use some towlettes to wipe the key areas!.. I ride to work twice a week, I live 18.5 miles away. I ALWAYS feel more energy and more productive when I ride. So go ahead. Do it..

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    go for it. i suggest that you do some biking on the side before you start riding to school in order to get used to it. the riding would boost your enegry over time b/c you are physically getting stronger through the exercise, as well as getting your body to wake up. also before you ride your bike to school especially in the morning make sure you get a good balance of breakfast. not too much food, but a good amount, such as a banana (or any fruit, but bananas are a great source of potassium), orange juice a light cereal. then you are off.

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    I ride my bycicle to work every day and used to go to school on a bycicle.

    I find it a real energybooster. It gets your blood going. Also I enjoy being by myself for the time of the ride before and after work.

    Occasionally I have to take a bus, when the wether is too bad or I have a flat tire, and I really don't like it; being sqaushed in a bus full of wet and noisy commuters.

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    I Ride my Bike 2 School, Its fun downhill with no hands & It definilty makes your Mind More Alert!

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    Dont ride your bike to school in the winter if its pretty harsh. You need to make sure that your school has a bike rack--if it doesnt then your bike could get stolen. Also,make sure that there are sidewalks from your house to your school so you dont have to ride on the road.

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