is weed a drug???

is it a sin??


(other than the fact that the law prohibits the use of marijuana.)



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    What you call weed is a psychotropic drug that affects the human body in various ways. The main chemical compound of weed (what gets you high) is tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. This is a drug that can also be made synthetically. Synthetic THC also goes under the name of dronabinol. There can be little doubt that weed, or THC, is a drug as defined by science.

    Is it a sin? That is a question you must answer yourself. Some religions in the 20th century have actually used the drug and accepted it openly. Even today, some people use it for medicinal purposes. That isn't even a crime.

    Personally, I can't stand the stuff. It is awful and makes one feel awful. It stinks and makes people act stupid. But the same can be said of alcohol. So make your judgments about that as you will. It doesn't necessarily make it a sin.

    However, I think anything taken out of control is a sin if you believe in such things. It doesn't matter what you are talking about. Yet sin implies religion and religion implies god. I'm not sure what to believe about that. Still, I believe in what is right and wrong. I choose to do what is right for my own body. That includes keeping my lungs clean and my head clear.

    You'll have to make up your own mind. I wish the best for you.

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    Of course weed is a drug. Don't be silly. Any foreign substance you put into your body that creates an altered effect is a drug. Caffeine is a drug. Aspirin is a drug, for crying out loud.

    No, it's not a sin. Why? There's no such thing as sin.

    Still, that doesn't mean smoking weed is a smart idea. Besides the fact that it's not good for your lungs, it gives people an excuse to be lazy. But, on the scale of illicit substances, it's not so bad. I'd say alcohol is actually worse. You want to smoke it? Be my guest. Don't get caught.

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    A better way to look at it is maybe this...

    Does smoking weed make me into two different people? One is the one that my family or work or a certain group of people see. The other is the one that hangs out with the buddies and smokes up from time to time. And heaven forbid if these two worlds collide!!!

    So is it a sin? Does it cause you to lie to one of these two groups of people to keep your two selves separate? If so, then i would describe it as a sin.

    How nice it would be to be only one person to all the people you come in contact with. So much less stress and worry.

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    yes it is a "drug" just like alcohol, tobacco, sweets, caffine, internet, cocaine, pushing old people down the stairs and playing pong.

    it is habit forming, so yes it is a "drug" but so is a lot of things- the law says it is illegal because nixon needed his "war on drugs" to keep attention away from an unpopular war (vietnam).

    the concept of a gateway drug is as flawed as some "bible" promoting theists arguments claiming god as factual and not a mere belief or religion. of the substances I've named- EVERY marijuana user, who used other substances have used one of or more of those first (alcohol or tobacco most likely in EVERY CASE)- yet those are legal, so the line must be arbitrarily drawn and bogus.

    also if you can find ONE marijuana user who has not used other drugs that are "stronger" then the concept is a fallacy- and I bet you can find most are not going on to "stronger" drugs.

    on that note- the concept of medical marijuana is also baloney- not because it hasn't helped but becasue there is a method developed that involves taking a pill containing thc that is the substance helpfull to patients without "smoking". it has not gained widespread use yet. but the concept of legalizing it for medical purposes is stupid- it should be legal becasue the reason for making it illegal is lacking in any logic or support because worse drugs are legal (alcohol and tobacco).

    is it a sin? hell no, you need to prove the existance of god and the validity of the bible before you can claim it is a sin to everyone. if you are a "practicing catholic" you may say "it is a sin in my religion" to smoke weed or have fun of any kind. but that is another story- when using the term sin it is so subjective tha tyou need to qualify it with further detail.

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    When used for the purpose of getting high it is a drug and a sin. I don't think it would be as much of a sin if it were legal and one used it on a rare occasion, but it is still better to abstain even in that situation as getting high ussually becomes a habit forming tendancy that opens the door to other substances that could hurt you considerably worse. I mean, no one can argue that weed isn't harmful. One joint, about 1/16oz, has the same affect on a persons lungs as would an entire pack of cigarettes. Plus it disrupts the brain and can lead to injury or paranoia when under the influence.

  • Jay Z
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    Marijuana is psychotropic and therefore a drug.

    It is a sin because it destroys discernment and sensitizes one to deceptive ideas and lowers the user's IQ. It alters the body chemistry. Arguing that it is 'natural' is a 'feel good' argument, snake venom, botulism cultures are 'natural' also, but deadly.

  • marijuana is a psychoactive product of the plant, a drug.

    and yes, it's a sin.

    the bible discusses mind-altering drugs. and weed is a mind-altering drug.

    also, "first, your body is a temple of the Lord and the Lord cautions you not to mistreat it."1 corinthians 3:17.

    and, if your parents do not approve, then you are going against their will, breaking the 5th commandment.

    but i personally smoke the herb.

    i think it should be legalized.

    read my essay on it:

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    Yes, it's a drug. It's an intoxicant. Ingesting it (via smoking or eating or whatever) makes you a silly goose, more apt to do the stupidest things. So yes, it's a sin.

    EDIT: It's a sin only if it's not prescribed by a doctor. If it's prescribed, then it's not a sin.

  • Shmoe
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    Does it inhibit or expand your ability to think, rationalize, or react? Then it is un-natural and considered a drug. Just like caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, sugar, and anything else that creates an un-natural state.

    The law has little to do with it, although I'm sure there is a legal definition of 'drug' somewhere.

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    The dictionary has several definitions of "drug:"

    any article, other than food, intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of humans or other animals.

    So that leads it pretty wide open, huh? Caffeine is also a drug, nicotine, alcohol, etc., etc.

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