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Is the UK the only country to put tax on a tax on a tax?

There's fuel duty, which the blood sucking corruption artists then put VAT on.... (Value my @ss added tax), making it two taxes, and then......

I get paid a mileage allowance to go to work, and get taxed on that.

I was just wondering if any other countries in the world were as bad, and if there is anywhere that taxes farting yet ?

I'm sure it'll happen here first.

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    Sorry Mate,

    I have you beat

    City of Montreal, in the Province of Quebec in Country of Canada

    On 1 Litre of Fuel at the Pump we have the following taxes

    Gasoline Excise Tax (Federal Level)

    Quebec Fuel Tax (Provincial Level)

    Gasoline tax (Montreal Area City tax)

    GST (Federal VAT tax)

    QST (Quebec VAT), which is a tax the price of gas plus all of the above taxes)

    And trust me in Quebec thats just the start of it.

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    I knew it was an import from somewhere. It's fooking CANADA!

    I keep saying that the government are gonna tax breathing next,never mind farting.

    Is it time for a REVOLUTION!?! I think so.

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