press release?

any good press release examples for a recruitment agency? Thanks :-)

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    A press release is an announcement written in a news style.

    Look for and learn the Associated press' "Five Ws" News style of: Who, What, Where, When and Why.

    Then use your creativity to write your press release using that style.

    If you are really good you can get all five Ws into the first sentence e.g. "John Smith, (who) President of Miami's (where) Action Agency (what) announced today (when) the opening of their new branch (what) on Biscayne Boulevard" (where).

    This is news. It may not be earth shattering news, certainly not front page news, but if you are the business editor and it is a slow news day, this release will get ink.

    Your second sentence should be a direct quote from the "who" person in the first sentence. "Mr Smith said, "Our agency opened the branch on Biscayne Blvd because it is a main thoroughfare in the city".

    In the AP news style, stories are written like a pyramid. The tight essentials are at the top of the story. As the story progresses, more and more, not so important deails, that broaden the story are shown.

    News is what is NEW. So twist your press release so that what you are ANNOUNCING is really something new.

    Using the technique I just gave you, I have had countless stories in national as well as local print and broadcast media. It is the classic example of the style that a good press release should have.

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    Recruiting Agencies can write a press release regarding any new kind of service they started. For example, you can write a press release that your agency has started a new service online where the users can search jobs according to their qualification. You must elaborate it a clear manner so that the press release look informative and helpful. If you are having trouble writing the press release yourself, go for press release distribution service providers.

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    If your news is created in the correct format by a press release writer without any mistakes, it can rank high in Google News and other popular outlets. As long as the news is a legitimate news story, it will be accepted in various platforms. Most documents are rejected because they lack newsworthiness and do not possess the important professional tone.

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    I get a ton of these things every week and I don't read them. I consider them asking for free advertising. Space in our magazine is tight already. There isn't room to add unless it's paid for.

    With margins the way they are unless you want to pay we just can't afford unpaid space.

    I get two that I look at which is for the Mayor's of Dallas and Houston and the rest are discarded. Either the paper ones, or email ones.

    I wrote this because I thought you should know what happens to most of these before you spent time on them.

    I have a strong feeling my other counterparts in my position do the same.

    Source(s): Managing editor of a B2B magazine
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