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Rate My Fantasy Baseball Team?

Rate 1-10

Its a 12 team 10x10 Head to Head.

Im in 1st place, 13 games ahead of the guy in second 20-50 games ahead of everyone else.

Just wanted to know if I needed any improvements, or look for a trade to make, or even guys you think I should add and hold on my team.

C:Ryan Doumit

1B:Mike Jacobs

2B:Brandon Philips

3B:David Wright

SS:Jose Reyes

OF:Jacoby Ellsbury

OF:Rick Ankiel

OF:Ryan Ludwick

Util:Evan Longoria


Jose Guillen

Willy Taveras

SP:Dan Haren

SP:Justin Duchscherer

RP:George Sherril

RP:Kevin Gregg

P:B.J. Ryan

P:Scott Kazmir

P:John Lackey


Kyle Lohse

Jonathon Sanchez

Dana Eveland

DL:Erik Bedard

So, yeah just any opinions you have to better my team would be heavily appreciated. Thank You.

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    Overall you have a solid team. I think that Jose Guillen could very well keep it up though throughout the year unlike the last message. Bedard you might want to trade because this is what his third DL stint? If Ryan Doumit starts to slow down and you need a C look for either Jeff Clement (SEA) or Chris Iannetta (COL). Both are top prospects for their respective clubs. Overall good team.

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    i love ur team.

    i have a very similar team but im 6th place and 15 gms back.

    F*** u lol just joking. very nice team. wait 4 bedard 2 come off the DL and have a good gm and then trade him. this is the time 2 trade jose guillen. hes been doing pretty good and cooling off.

    we've seen all ludwick has 2 offer. i dont have him and if i would i would NOT look 2 trade him, but if u get offered a decent trade 4 him- go 4 it.

    all in all- extremely solid team and u should have no problem reaching deep playoffs like it is now.

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    in case you like my trustworthy opinion, im no longer gonna get proper answer. your going to furnish proper answer to whoever says "wow ur group is a 10/10 so good omg i such as you". properly, I would desire to be trustworthy, your group is likely to be scuffling with to avert final place on your league. prince fielder is incredibly great, yet ur following couple of selections have been questionable. crawford is sweet for average and steals, yet no longer lots else. mags is incredibly good too, yet thats approximately it. polanco is a a million stat guy, johjima is a 0 stat guy, lowell is ageing, renteria has never been that great plus he's ageing. your pitching team has smoltz, hudson, then rubbish. rafael soriano is sweet, yet you have in simple terms like 4 good gamers on your group. my group in a 12 guy league has a-rod, bj upton, garrett atkins, curtis granderson, bobby abreu, hideki matsui on offense, which might in actuality wreck yours. my pitching team includes john lackey, fracisco liriano, james shields, that's greater desirable than yours too. im no longer in simple terms attempting to gloat, yet i'm hoping your league is a sixteen guy league in the different case your no longer prevailing something except you sign this years ryan braun

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