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Avinue asked in SportsOther - Sports · 1 decade ago


I want to start skateboarding, and would really appreciate being told everything you know(:

I'm not really worried about how to do anything etc. right now, I'm more focused on quality of things, like which brands are better etc.

Should I pay more for good bearings, or does it matter?

I'm guessing high, medium and low trucks means how far it is from the ground to the deck, but which would be best?

Whats the best mm to get for wheels?

And anything else along those lines you can tell me.

thanks in advance :3

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you should probably spring about $40 for bearings if you plan on sticking with it. the height of the trucks depend on what youll be skating most. for most street skating, lower is better. for bowls, pools and ramps, youll want higher trucks and larger wheels and the better bearings really shine on these surfaces. i got some ceramic bones, but have ridden the six ball bones for years. i ride 53mm bones sts wheels and skate everything comfortably. the size of the deck is preference. starting out get 7.75. its wide enough to give your feet plenty of room but not crazy wide to add clumsiness. trucks fluctuate frequently with quality. the best of 5 yrs ago is pure **** now. the independent kostons are good for street, or the reynolds for pools and parks. you cant beat the nike zoom teams for skate shoes, but i dont like the new p.rods, theyre kinda floppy. i like mystery decks too, theyre super light and rarely break, got great pop and a big nose. this is all my preference, but ive put alot of time, energy and money into skating and i believe im pretty knowledgeable.

    Source(s): 10+yrs skating
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  • Marta
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    4 years ago

    Element Volcom Plan B Osiris Girl Zero Almost Enjoi Baker. are the best brands trucks Tensor Independent Element Silver Venture Destrukto Krux Spider Grind King Phantom bearings bones speeddemons shortys blind shoes dc fallen element es vans emerica circa etnies adio globe dvs nike skateboarding 6.0

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ok well i'm almost 13 and i've been skating for about a year , and i love skating .

    it's really fun and it's good excersise .

    I love plan B decks , they are very durable and have tons of pop & concave , but they arent the lightest decks tho .

    Ok for bearings , i like bones reds they are about 15 $ and are pretty good , don't spend too much if ur just a begginner .

    If you like skating street i suggest low or mid trucks & if you skate parks and bowls high trucks .

    And mm is how big the wheels are , smaller mm wheels like 48 , 50 , 51 and 52 are for street skating . and bigger mm wheels like 54 and up are for rough surfaces and bowls .

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  • 1 decade ago

    ok, if youre JUST starting, you might wanna buy a cheaper board to make sure youre really interested. if you are, THEN invest in a pro model skateboard. just about any pro deck should last you, but personally i like element and alien workshop. bones red bearings are the SHIZZ!!! theyre cheap and have really improved my skateboarding. as for wheels, risers, hardware, and griptape, just about anything will work. in your situation (and ive been in the same place you are...ive only been skating for about a year) start out with a pretty cheap board just to get in the groove and decide whether or not you want to invest in a pro board. then get a complete, so that you can get a good deal on quality parts with no assembly required. anyway, hope this helps! and hope you enjoy skateboarding!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    personaly i like abec 5 bearings, they are classic and will keep turnin and turnin. For a board DO NOTY GET BIRDHOUSE!!!!!! They suck! They chip and crack. Id say get a good name like element or baker. For your trucks id get industreil trucks or cruck trucks the have good tilt and are very stable.I dont bother with wheels but i have 54's the smaller they are the harder they are to use.

    Just email me for more q's

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  • 1 decade ago

    well bones redz are the best for the price and their all i get they are the best.

    medium trucks would probably be good for you but i get low because they are the easiest to do tricks. you can get either. venture trucks or independent truck are good brands.

    for wheels id say you should get 53mm for you they are good for ramps and street skateboarding. because bigger is better for ramps and smaller is better for street skateboarding. any brand for wheels are good.

    and plan B decks are good, almost decks are good , and enjoi decks are good.

    Source(s): i have my own skateshop and skateboarding for 10 years
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  • 1 decade ago

    I've been skating for a long time so if you need help with anything you can email me at and I can probably help you.

    As for brands,any of the following will be good.




    Bearings:bones reds(there like $15 a set and there the best)


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  • 1 decade ago

    Buy a skinny board - 7.5 or less or right around there.

    It doesn't really matter about bearings.

    Get anywhere from 54-52mm wheels.

    Buy medium or low trucks - high trucks are for big wheels.

    Grip it and rip it!

    Source(s): My husband is a skateboarder. He answered this question.
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  • 1 decade ago

    okay first things first, it doesn't really matter on if your equipment is perfect just make sure it works and its good. Then find someone that can teach u how to sk8. My opinion is that you start learning how to keep your balance on the board then do tricks. For tricks start out with the basic ollies, shu-vits, and kickflips. No hard tricks like varials fs flip or tre flips start out easy then make your way up top dats what i did.

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  • Judgey
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    1 decade ago

    2 good decks are blind and plan b,

    Independent and destructo are good trucks (medium)

    Wheels 51-54mm

    Any griptape at your local skateshop is fine and anything else for your skateboard doesn't really matter, its up to you

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