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URL is what?

URL is what?I don't know!!!!!!!!!!

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    Uniform Resource Locator (URL)


    a compact string of characters used to represent a resource available on the Internet. In popular usage and many technical documents, it is a synonym for Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

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    Just for fun. In Corporate America, Americans like to use a lot of acronym. For example, in my company, URL means User Requirements List in project management.

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    我想芭芭拉貓已經給了你答案 可惜你沒看懂 又另外提問 我給你中文的解釋

    統一資源定位符(URL,英語 Uniform / Universal Resource Locator 的縮寫)也被稱為網頁地址,是網際網路上標準的資源的地址(Address)。它最初是由蒂姆·伯納斯-李發明用來作為全球資訊網的地址的。現在它已經被全球資訊網聯盟編製為網際網路標準RFC1738了。


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    我讀國小的孫子說...應該是what is URL?吧...

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