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= =問ㄌ好久 都沒有 上網找不到




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    The Reason的歌詞

    The Reason lyrics

    Artist: Gil Ofarim

    Album: On My Own

    Buy On My Own CD

    Lyrics: The Reason

    Sitting here, sitting there,

    sitting watching cars drive to the land of nowhere.

    Do I care?

    Throwing buds, throwing coins,

    throwing each others consciousuess of the ground.

    All year round.

    But I know I must be strong an I know I have to carry on.

    You are the reason why I live, the reason why I cry,

    the reason why I always hat to say goodbye.

    You are the reason why I smile, I can’t deny.

    You are the reason why I breathe, because of your love.

    Running here, running there, run to see you everywhere, an


    You are the one I need the most but right now I feel

    Like a ghost somehow, somehow.

    Don’t want to go where they are, don’t want to go

    Where they’ll bei, It’s not the way it used to be.

    Don’t want to live in the past, it was running to fast

    You are the reason

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    歌曲 : In your eyes !!!

    In your eyes, I see myself

    In your eyes. There's no escape, no surprise Gil

    I see my world in your eyes

    In your eyes there's no place I can hide, Ofarim

    You know me deep down inside

    You see through every disguise In

    Sometimes I feel confused, I don't know what to do Your

    I can't help the way I feel.

    Sometimes I feel so lost. I wonder who'll pay the loss Eyes

    I can't help the way I feel

    It's the way I feel Songtexte

    In your eyes. I see the truth in your eyes

    There's no restraint, there's no lies Songtext

    I see my home in your eyes

    In your eyes. I see our place in your eyes Lyrics

    A place we don't need to hide

    I see our world in your eyes. Lyric

    I can't help the way I feel

    I can't help the way I feel Liedertexte

    It's killing me, it's killing me, it's killing me !!!

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    The reason 我找不到呢 !!!

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    佳佳唱片找看看 !!!

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    那台灣應該沒上市吧 !!!

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