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要男生唱的 不要給我VITAS 那些高音王=口=

我要普通點的 謝謝



Update 2:


Update 3:

麻煩寄歌詞給我好麻 謝謝您

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    《Hugh Grant - Dance With Me Tonight》

    It's been so long

    Since I've known right from wrong

    Got no job

    Sometimes I just sit down and sob

    Wondering if anything will go right

    Or will you dance with me tonight?

    When the Sunday nights

    I feel a hole down in my heart

    Put on some shoes

    Come down here

    And listen to the blues

    Wondering if anything will go right

    Or will you dance with me tonight?

    I'm looking at you, you're looking at me

    We're the only two off the dance floor

    Do you see what I see?

    Two broken lives

    Working in harmony

    Might make for a decent time

    So get up and dance with me

    I know that it seems that the grass will grow

    Better on the other side of the barb wire fence

    But that other side is not in sight

    So I'm fine with what I have now

    If you'll dance with me tonight

    What's the point of life if risk is just a board game?

    You roll the dice but you're just hoping that the rules change

    What's the point if you can't bring yourself to say

    Things you wanna say

    Like dance with me tonight

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    《Daniel Powter - Bad Day》

    《Hugh Grant - Don't Write Me Off》


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    已經寄出囉 ... 用gmail寄的 : )

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