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mountain bikes..? schwinn, huffy, mongoose, lamborghini, or kowasaki?

I want an nice entry level mountain bike for cruising around town, up and down hills, which brand would be the best quality? and any models would be appreciated as well.

I will not do any hard riding on it, just from place to place and up and down some hills.

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    Although Schwinn is owned by another company and are not at all like they were the frames seem to still be fairly good.

    For any entry level bike the frame should always be the primary goal as the components can be upgraded and one should only spend money upgrading a bike with a good frame.

    The entry level Hera/Locura are great frames and aluminum[gs] Frontier models have ok frames[the steel frontier is not a great frame].The Mesa frames are not to be confused with the older Mesa frames.The new ones are sufficient,the old ones are awesome frames.

    I only have knowledge of the Schwinns.

    I hope this can be of help to you in some way

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