How do Christians rationalize the deceptive way of Messianic Jews to convert Jews to Christianity?

By posing as Jews themselves, even going too far as naming themselves "Messianic Jews"?


isn't lying supposed to be an abomination in Christianity?

Update 2:

2nd answerer, do you think that supposed to answer the question?

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    Absolutely. It is deceptive, insulting and reprehensible. Unfortunately, since the 16th Century, there has been no one human authority in charge of all Christianity. And proselytization is not a secular crime. All we can do is offer our condemnation.

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    As someone who has personally watched Messianics and seen their tactics, I can confirm that it is not remotely 'honest'. 99% of Messianics were NEVER Jewish to start with. Not via birth, nor via conversion. They befriend young, naive Jews, often away at college, and tell them they are members of a 'cool new jewish group'. This is the start of a long and carefully organised process which ultimately has naive Jews embracing Christian beliefs while NOT knowing it. Messianics have even published the Christian bible - and given it a Hebrew name, for crying out loud! Messianic groups are ALL founded by CHRISTIANS. They are ALL funded by evangelical CHURCHES. Why aren't we seeing more of our Christian friends, who repeatedly claim to 'respect' and 'love' Jews, speaking out AGAINST these deceptive missionaries who go round posing AS Jews? Here is what the founder of the largest Messianic group says. Note: he is an ordained BAPTIST minister: Abridged from: "Holy Terror" by Flo Conway and Jim Seigelman In a document entitled "What Evangelical Christians Should Know About ‘MESSIANIC JEWS’, Martin Meyer, founder of ’jewsforjesus’, again reveals his goal: ‘We define ourselves as evangelical fundamentalists and we seek the cooperation of individuals and Christian bodies meeting this description…We believe in affiliation with a local church and being accountable to the church for service and discipline. We will uphold the local church wherever we can. ‘We consider ourselves an arm of the local church. We are primarily evangelists and we are always mindful that we should not usurp the authority of the local pastor. As we win and disciple (convert) Jewish people, we urge them to take their place in a local evangelical church or establish a congregation and call their own minister. Our duty is to aid the church at large and we work as an arm of that body to gather in the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.’ In the British NEW STATESMAN magazine, Martin Meyer said in a recent interview: ‘In the UK we are part of the Evangelical Alliance; the evangelical wing of the church. We will often be giving conferences at churches of various denominations, Baptist, Anglican, Pentecostal to name but a few.’ BOC So what? The first Australians were British; does that mean that today, Australians get to come along and totally REdefine and TWIST what 'British' means? Judaism existed as a fulfilled and fulfilling faith for THOUSANDS of years BEFORE Jesus was even born. The fact that *some* of you just can't handle Jews not supporting your beliefs, is your problem - don't make it OURS.

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    lol, In fairness to the many christians on this site, you have generalized your question too much, also they have, almost every sect of their faith have condemed the jews for jesus group. The Messianics Jews are our problem along with the Chabad Messianics not theirs. Also fact is Messianic Jews do not engage in converting fellow Jews any more than the Chabad Messianics do. I have a bigger problem with Reform Jews tagging with pagans and the way they decide who is Jewish, more then I do these two Messianic groups within Judaism. Orthodox Jewish sister

    Edit to Kate: interesting response long, but interesting. You raise valued points across the board. Something we should all consider, well done sister!!!

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    I understand why this is done, to go into all the world & preach

    the good news, BUT I do not agree with some of their

    methods of doing so. If they thought a bit more carefully about

    how they are doing things, they would not do it that way.

    I never saw anytime that Yahshua forced himself on to others,

    and he spoke to many people about the coming Kingdom>

    As far as I am concerned anyone who is born Jewish & now

    believes in Messiah Yahshua is entitled to call themselves

    Messianic Jews, Anyone who is a Messianic Gentile Believer

    in Messiah Yahshua does not have the right to call themselves Messianic Jews & should not dress & pose as

    Jews, there is a difference. Messianic Jews should stay in

    their Jewishness, still doing feasts Festivals & Sabbaths.

    Messianic Gentiles should be learning Torah, Sabbaths &

    feasts & festivals of YHWH, as He says they are His Feasts.

    So are we going to make YHWH God a liar by claiming that

    those things belong to someone else. Careful here!

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    True messianic's do not claim to be CHRISTIAN, They claim to be beleiver's in messiah Jews are a people not a religion.

    Just because you accept the belief that Messiah Yeshua has come and will come again does not make you a christian. It does not necesscarilly make you a Jew either. You could be a gentile believer in Messiah and still not believe in the man made Christianity that man has made today. On the other hand if you have Jewish blood especially on both mother and fathers side you have Jewish heritage and if the Jews in your family line didn't have to hide the fact that they were jewish years ago to save their lives along with their children , you would still be considered Jewish.

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    Great Repeat Question!

    How about this for a answer? Why dont we let God decide who is who and who He calls His children! Personally God has to be upset with all of us! For not one group of people are listening or following his commands, cause all of us think somehow WHAT can do it better than God? I really wonder what Abraham or David or Elijah or Moses or Jesus or Paul or Peter, even Isaac and Ishmael would have to say to any of us with all the in fighting, something tells me they would accuse all of us of disobeying God!

    The Jewish people were to be a LIGHT to all the nations! Wheres the light? Yet if christians have misunderstood what Jesus and Paul were teaching then why do I NEVER hear of the Rabbis of today trying to teach us otherwise instead we have the "feelgood concept", yet we know God commanded us to be different than those who did not know Him and are we different?

    Look at the crusades omg what sin and done in the name of Jesus who is Jewish? The church would have burned Paul and Jesus and the others cause they would have died before denying their Jewish Faith! The christians who put their head in the sand concerning hitler and now are doing it concerning Iran, yet christians put out a movie about Esther give me a break!

    You condeme the Messianic Jews yet they are the only Jews standing up waving their arms saying hey christians! you got it wrong with all your pagan/christian days and you have misunderstand the scriptures as Jews we will show you what the NT really says in Hebrew and means and YET you condeme them for that! Who better than a Jew to really explain what Jesus and Paul where teaching??

    I've seen your posts where you bash the Messianic Jews yet vote along side pagans, and yet you claim to be doing Jewish, funny God would say WRONG! Yet I never seen anyone of your groupies bash Chabad Messianics who claim their rebbe is god, yet even in Israel they are concidered Jewish! hummmm little double standerd there don't you think?

    Your own writtings Clearly says if a Jew says there is no god it is death, yet you all claim that being a athiest Jew is ok and very Jewish! If what you say is true that a Jew who claims Jesus as the Jewish Messiah is no longer a Jew and that even though the the Chabad Messianics claim their Rebbe who is dead will return and is god they are still Jewish and then the athiest is still a Jew too? WHAT? Is a Jew who says there is NO GOD???? still a Jew??? oh I forgot they are still Jewish even though the God of Abraham would say different!

    Then there is Rabbi Cohn-Sherbok who with many endorsements from other Rabbi's says Messianics are Jewish ..oh but thats right, there are NO Leading rabbis who would do that yet, he is very Respected worldwide within Judaism and a Professor of Juaism in the UK!! Then there is the line to us to show even ONE Rabbi who accepts Messianics as Jewish ..opps we found one and then well show us another one you all say, well read his book he has over 25 Leading Jewish Rabbis from Orthodox to Reform who agree with him!

    Then we have where bottom line they cite the Jewish Law and say regardless they are still Jews even though they are apostates! Also I see alot of talk about Jewish Law and yet I found on a very respected Jewish site that a Rabbi Shraga Simmons, says they are Jewish according to Jewish Law hummm who do we believe a Orthodox Rabbi who knows the Law or those of you who mislead all of us about the Law.

    What about the site Jews for Judaism that says things that people like paperback says are like night and day, has anyone ever noticed she says 99% are not Jewish!! Well if that is true are not the Jewish people stealing money from other Jews to fund Jews for Judaism? Cause according to their own website they have helped return Messianic Jews back to Judaism!! So someone is lying here so I guess according to paperback and some of her friends it must be all the Rabbi's at Jews for Judaism cause they say they returned over 200 Jewish people who were Messianic! Maybe that group should be looked into, you all should condeme them and expose their lies and demand a return of the money they are stealing or are they telling the truth? which is it you guys? Hummm reminds me of that commandment- not to lie! and to bear false witness.

    Then we have the line posted that Messianic Jews are out there converting fellow Jews when they don't, and when you say the Messianics are started by a baptist preacher when it fact it was Peter and the other disciples who did! Then when you all say they are not even born Jewish then how and why is it that if a Messianic Jew as they you say repents, then they are Jewish again!! but don't have to convert hummmm which is it?

    Now proselytizing wow history shows that back when the Temple was around the Jewish Leaders did alot of missionary work.. wonder where the Messianic Jews learned it from??

    And give it a rest with your fake talk about the jews4jesus we all know they are not Jewish!!, and they don't even respond to the questions on here, it's people who are born Jewish and accept that Jesus is the Messiah not these fake j4js.

    Now It should be noted that Messianic Jews are the same as the Disciples of Jesus; Jewish. You will also not find in any Jewish writing that Peter, Matthew, James, Paul, and the other Disciples of Jesus that none of them were called apostates, also none of them were accused of proselytizing, actually they were according to history call the Followers of the Way or Nazarenes or Messianics. They spoke in the Temple itself! They spoke in towns all over Israel, they obeyed all the Jewish Feasts, payed the Temple tax! Since when did a apostate Jew owe the Temple Tax?? So how is it that the Jewish people of today whose roots are from these very same men, believe as these men did are now cast out?

    Finally we the earth that has evidence!

    Using archaeological finds to prove to the world your very right to the LAND, to the TEMPLE MOUNT! Yet along with all those finds there is the Recent discovery of even a Messianic Synagogue here Northern Israel! and pottery with Messianic symbols on them!

    In Israel you have at the Israeli Museum, archaeological finds that prove these Messianics were and are Jewish, Yet of couse those finds have to wrong yet all the others are ok right?

    Maybe we should all turn to God and then to each other and ask forgivness!

    Can't wait to see all the thumbs downs on this one lol

    God have mercy on all of us!

    Source(s): Evangelical Christian, Active member of Cornerstone Church in Tx, and Christians United for Israel, Small Group Leader and Youth Missions Team Leader, Music Ministry and a Graduated of Liberty University.
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    I think you should state your question a little bit more clearly.

    I also believe your thinking is a bit confused.

    First thing to consider is Jesus is a Jew, and the early church (CHRISTIANS) were composed entirely of Jews, and it took the Jerusalem counsel to decide if non Jews would be allowed to be Christians. The position of the Jews of the early church was that being a Christian was the continuation and completion of the Law of Moses.

    If someone is simply sharing their faith in a free exchange of ideas, it is not a lie

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    answer: Jews4Jesus - as referenced by someone else: is the worst of the lot. They were founded by a Baptist minister with the express goal of deceiving Jews and eradicating Judaism.

    Not sure how they reconcile that and look at themselves in a mirror.

    Some Messianics are probably sincere and just mistaken in using the label "Jewish". They don't realize that taking and twisting Jesus into Jewish rituals and holy days is actually perverting both religions. If they want to be a Christian sect that rejects a lot of Christianity's pagan roots, fine. Just don't label Christians as being Jewish.

    Others are very aware of how deceiving they're being.

    Most Christians aren't aware enough about them to realize the damage they intend. A small number of Christians support them because they think if all Jews convert, Jesus will return faster. Disgusting. Good Christians, like Billy Graham, denounce them.

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      Sorry I meant to give you thumb up.

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    They use Paul's words in 1Cor9:18-23 to justify this deception:

    "18What is my reward then? Verily that, when I preach the gospel, I may make the gospel of Christ without charge, that I abuse not my power in the gospel.

    19For though I be free from all men, yet have I made myself servant unto all, that I might gain the more.

    20And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law;

    21To them that are without law, as without law, (being not without law to God, but under the law to Christ,) that I might gain them that are without law.

    22To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.

    23And this I do for the gospel's sake, that I might be partaker thereof with you. "

    If you look closely at verses 20-22 you will see that Christians are basically TOLD to "blend in" with the people around them to make conversions. This means that when among the Jews they are to be LIKE the Jews for this purpose, but when not among the Jews they do not have to follow Mosaic Law.

    See the following links for more information on this deceptive practice:

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    If you have Jewish heritage you are a Jew. I think it is important that they keep their heritage as intact as much.

    Jews for Jesus my friend Jews for Jesus

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