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What are some of the main differences between today's and the previous generation of women?

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I think one of the main differences between todays women and the women of the past is that nowadays more and more women are running to the surgical blade, preoccupying themselves with the ever so important struggle to beauty and letting themselves be consumed with vanity and hopelessness, therefore diverting their attention from the actual injustice in the world towards women, the fact we are not paid equally yet, the fact that government and religion are still trying to control our bodies, the fact that we have to work twice as hard for half the recognition.

I truly believe that if there is one woman on this earth who is hurt or raped or abused, it is all of our responsability to do something about it.

Women have a long way to go in being respected as a whole and the women these days take a lot for granted and do not think there are any problems.

However, with Rape as a weapon of war, women still getting murdered (majority of the time by their partner) and sexual slavery still going on, the size of our thighs and **** really is not of paramount importance.

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  • D. answered 7 years ago
    I may be wrong, but I don't see a lot of difference between this generation and the last one. I grew up in the seventies.

    Back then, we had the whiners, and we had the go-getters.

    Maybe, this generation takes a little longer to grow into adulthood, but that would probably be a generalization. Individually, there are quite a few motivated young ladies that work hard at their jobs and their educations, and I give them a lot of credit.
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  • mmmckinn answered 7 years ago
    You need to determine what is previous generation. Women born in the 1930's, 1950's?, 1970's? Comparing those generations is all something different.

    Basically, we are more educated than any previous generation of women. Education brings about all of the other changes that you see in women.
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  • :) answered 7 years ago
    This is an interesting question because there were different resources and attitudes concerning women in the past but now there's a bigger generation gap especially with the technology.
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  • Valerie answered 7 years ago
    1. Women are allowed to vote

    2. Women are no longer paid less for doing the same job as a man

    3. Women are allowed to wear pants, and women can also wear shorter skirts

    4. Women have their own sport leagues, and can now participate in the Olympics

    5. Women can now be part of the government (be in Congress, be mayor, etc.)

    6. Women can go to college (have an education)

    7. Women have the choice of who, and at what age to marry

    8. Women have a right to go to court and have control of their own bodies

    There's many more rights and differences that apply (or don't apply) to women of this time period than of generations ago. I'm sure you can find more differences by searching google and Wikipedia, though Wikipedia is not always accurate. I hope I helped!
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  • Shivers answered 7 years ago
    Comparing generation X to Gen Y, I've noticed that Gen Y girls are growing up very quickly and seem to display the kind of sexuality at quite a young age(up to age 18/19) that was pretty much unheard of in Gen X girls.
    Gen Y girls have lost much of their innocence, have become more savvy, yet still remain feminine.
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  • johno answered 7 years ago
    Without generalizing, I'd like to use the word "some".

    Some of today's women are not feminine like they used to be. Don't know much about cooking in the kitchen or fixing the home. Some of them dress quite masculine, and lack passive power. Some of them have lost the sense of respect for anyone of any gender.

    But again, I don't think ALL of today's women are like this. But some are.
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  • Mike T answered 7 years ago
    Today's women are more hypocritical, bratty and egotistical than past generations.

    Today's women feel entitled to "fun" and "the good things in life" but don't have much desire to do that work necessary to get it. Today's women don't seem to really "appreciate life" as much as I think they should.

    I honestly feel that generation X and everything after has serious entitlement issues. BOTH men and women. I'm 24 so I have regular contact with people in this age range. I find that we whine and complain WAY too much and have a crappy work ethic.

    It's sad, but that's why I'm leaving most of my friends in the dust as time passes (progression and financially). Its hard to respect a lot of people my age.


    Mike T has spoken
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  • S`A`N`D answered 7 years ago
    Today's women are less of suzie homemakers, and more of suzie get to workers. They are unfortunately, more sexually expressive, and don't seem to see the fault in that. They are more blind now than they used to be. There are things that have improved, and things that have decayed. It all depends on who you're talking to.

    edit: I can write my own answers without plagiarizing someone else's.
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  • Kris W answered 7 years ago
    The current generation has more rights, less is expected of them, far more power.
    More government agency's to assist them, more money spent on them by the government.
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  • What are some of the main differences between today's and the previous generation of women?
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  • Joymash answered 7 years ago
    Modern women are enjoying:
    More freedom
    More recognition
    More avenues to show their capabilities
    and moreover
    She has proved that she is equal to men excet in physical features
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  • Particle answered 7 years ago
    Women these days put in less effort but have higher expectations and more expensive taste.
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